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  1. thank you, I have been crying constantly with guilt as feel we let them down so, we only resuced them in August and thought we had done all we could until Mr Fox just lets himself in. I am totally obsessed with foxes at the moment and am becoming a total bore on the subject!
  2. As per my recent post. 3 girls lost 2 weeks ago. Fox broke in through my Eglu Go door (the girls were shut up, it was 7.30pm) Before anyone asks, yes the door was shut properly! RIP Clover, Clementine and Clara xxxx
  3. thanks for the replys. For any one reading who hasnt compared the two, the Go's door is loose and rattly (mine was) where as the classic is as tight as can be. I am still feeling very insecure about getting more hens, as if the fox got them again I would really loose the plot! My insecurity now is the run! We had no signs before of any attempts to get in but of course I am covering all possibilities! Considering buying an extension run and possibly some pegs to hold it down. But where do you draw the line with all of this. We have spent almost the amount you would spend on a second hand car! For anyone reading who was suspicous that the door may not have been closed properly, it was 100% shut, I was obsessive with checking each time it was opened. There is NO doubt what so ever that it was shut. If you paddle yourself using your hands you will discover that the Go will come open
  4. Hi there, I am new to chicken keeping. But would like to make others VERY aware of a design flaw in the Eglu Go. To cut a long story short, 10 days ago a fox managed to get into our Go via the back door, after furious paddling he managed to twist the black k"Ooops, word censored!". As you can imagine all our girls were killed much to our horror. I have to say Omlet have been very good about it and I am happy to say that a lovely new Classic has been set up in our garden today curteousy of Omlet. We are much a happier with this and cannot get over the differnce in design and just how much better the security is of this one. However I am still filled with horror at the thought of others buying the GO and the same thing happening. I would be so happy to find that Omlet were going to change the design in the back door/k"Ooops, word censored!". Clearly it needs to be changed to one that is on the Classic. Please be very careful with these. They are not fox proof at all. We await our new girls at the next ex battery rescue.

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