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  1. Hi Everyone, please see my sticky post inviting you all to preview Qute too - we only have one product available for this so I can't promise everyone will get a chance but we'll do our best! Hanns
  2. Hi everyone, great to read Lewis' preview of the Qute and your comments. As Lewis says it's a really well made product, that will last ages and be really enjoyable to use and own. Omlet has always been about designing the best and not cutting corners and Qute is no exception. It was so much fun designing this product and it involved a huge amount of prototyping, working with focus groups, volunteers who tested the product, experts in animal behaviour and of course our own research. We couldn't resist adding some new pets to our collection, so Boris the hamster and the gerbil twins have been part of the design team at Omlet HQ for a while now helping us understand their needs. If you ever pop in, you're more than welcome to meet them. As with all our new designs, anyone involved in the process is sworn to secrecy and can't talk about any aspects of it publicly that's why there's never anything specific on the forum about it until it launches. Now that Qute has officially launched though we'd be delighted if anyone else wanted to preview it. We only have one Qute available for reviewing at the moment, so I can' t promise anything but we'll do our best. Please email me johannes@omlet.co.uk and let me know where abouts you live and what pets you have (we can't supply the hamsters / gerbils!)
  3. Hi, we've had loads of great suggestions for the name of our new pet house which we've whittled down to the list in the poll. Now we'd like you to vote on your favourite. A quick reminder of what the product is (we can't tell you everything yet) It's a pet house for small furry pets such as mice, hamsters, gerbils. It's very stylish (as you'd expect!), in fact it's something that you will want to have on display and make part of your home - think contemporary furniture. To help you decide on what is your favourite name, try saying the name as part of a sentence such as: "I keep my hamster in a ......" and keep the suggestions coming, the competition hasn't been won yet! Hanns and the Omlet team
  4. Exciting news, we are launching a brand new product! We can't say too much about it now as there are still some parts of the design that we have to keep Top Secret...but we can tell you that it's an indoor house for small furry animals. So good news for mice, hamsters and gerbils because it's really cool and different from anything else on the market. As you would expect from Omlet it looks great but also works brilliantly making keeping these furry friends more enjoyable and less work. YOU could name the new product! We have been trying to come up with a name as good as Eglu is for a chicken house and Beehaus is for bees. If you think of the perfect name for this new pet house then you will win one of the very first ones off the production line. Just email me your ideas (johannes@omlet.co.uk) and if we choose yours I'll let you know. Please don't post name suggestions here as if we use it we will need to protect the name by trademarking it. Thanks and as soon as we can we will tell you more...
  5. hanns

    Beehaus Issue

    Hi, glad to hear your bees are doing well. If you are finding bees on the other side of the divider board it is unlikely that they have wandered over and cannot find their way back. Bees are very good at finding their way back to the nest, a possible explanation is that they have become trapped in there after an inspection. If you have divided the colony then make sure that the divider board is sitting flush at the top by adjusting the white strip on the top of the divider board. You can pull this up to ensure that when a cover board or super sits on top there isn't a gap for bees to get through. If anyone needs advice on how to do this please call Omlet on 0845 450 2056 and we'll be happy to talk you through it. Johannes
  6. hanns

    Bee TV

    Hi, Another beekeeping film has gone live on Omlet TV, it's about going on a beekeeping course. Later tonight another one should be live too which is a brilliant episode, if you're not a fan of Jonathon Ross, it might be worth putting the popcorn on and tuning in to Omlet TV instead! Johannes
  7. Hi, just thought you'd like to know that two new films have been added to Omlet TV, one for chickens and one for bees. That's friday night's entertainment sorted! Johannes
  8. Great guess work gang! We've been filming for over 3 months now and we're very pleased that Omlet TV has now launched. Over the next few days we'll be adding lots more films, which we hope you'll really like because they follow a family as they learn to keep bees. The films are like little fly on the wall documentaries, which show perfectly what it's actually like when you are just starting out. Maybe it will inspire some of you to become beekeepers and at the very least they are good fun to watch! Now for another exciting bit of news, we want to do a similar thing for chickens and we are looking for a family who have either just started (less than 3 months) or haven't yet taken the plunge. If you don't mind having Omlet's film crew (two people!) coming round once a week for a few weeks to film you and your chickens then please send me an email with a photo of you and your garden to johannes@omlet.co.uk. Ideally we would prefer it if you were based around Oxfordshire or London but we're happy to travel further. No previous filming experience is necessary, so don't worry if you're not Emma Thompson we're looking for natural charisma!
  9. Hi, Jimmy Doherty is touring the country looking at the reason why people keep chickens. He's really interested in anyone with around 20 chickens who keeps them for more reasons than for food or for selling the eggs for money. If you fit the bill and fancy putting yourself forward for this please email me, johannes@omlet.co.uk. Thank you, Johannes
  10. Hi Everyone, I have just spoken to a very nice reporter for a well known News programme in the UK. He is interested in doing a story on chicken keeping in cities and specifically people who keep chickens in really small gardens. I think the story is about the increase in chicken keeping and how the eglu has encouraged more urban dwellers to get started. If you have an eglu and some chickens and live in a city with a small garden or even better - roof garden, could you please email me to let me know you're interested. My email is johannes@omlet.co.uk, thanks Johannes
  11. Hello, the Bath and West Show is running next week from Wednesday 27th until Saturday 30th. Do any Omleteers fancy coming along and helping on the stand on any of the days? If you do please email me johannes@omlet.co.uk and put bath and west show in the subject line. Thanks in advance, Johannes
  12. Hi Everyone, a French TV company on channel M6 is coming to Omlet next week to film Gwen at work. They also want to film an eglu owner with their chickens. Ideally you would speak french as they don't speak english very well. Also they would like to film someone in an urban environment as the point they want to make is that chicken keeping is possible in towns and cities in France too. Please email me johannes@omlet.co.uk as soon as possible if you can help. You need to be within 2hrs drive of Banbury, Oxfordshire and free next Tuesday afternoon. thank you Johannes
  13. Hi Everyone, with the Ideal Home show just a memory it's onto the next one which is the fantastic Grand Designs Live at Excel, London. Please take a look in the sticky section to see the dates and what to do. Enthusiastic Omleteers needed to help demonstrate eglus and talk chickens all day! johannes
  14. Did anyone take any photos of their pancake day celebrations? If so don't forget to send them to stephanie@omlet.co.uk for a chance to win our annual pancake flipping competition...as yet no photos have been received so unless someone sends one in the prize of a £20 good egg voucher will be awarded to a member of Omlet staff!

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