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  1. Hiya everyone I'm not really new here, I've been on hiatus for about 6 years so I feel I should reintroduce myself, I joined back in 2012 (I think) when I was about 12, I'm now 20, moved out and getting ready for chickens, I don't currently have any but I'm building a run and coop as we speak I'm really looking forward to talking chickens with you all again 😊❤️
  2. Your right only 2 are out so far a 3rd is on its way though
  3. I've got 8 pekin chicks due tuesday. So excited its my 4th hatch
  4. Ok so lots of people would think teenagers do nothing in the holidays well they're wrong this is what i did today and yesterday My two polands checking it out
  5. I do love polands they have lovely characters
  6. Nibley bird farm is good(got a couple of hybrids from them before). Theres also fosters (Ok)and bristol poultry ( which i think has just started up) .Unfortunatly there isn't many places round here that sell chickens Nibley bird farm www.nibleybirdfarm.co.uk/ Fosters Poultry http://www.fosterschickens.co.uk/ Bristol Poultry http://bristolpoultry.co.uk/
  7. Im looking for a bantam breed of some sort maybe a bit unusual I like the German langshan though
  8. Luckily enough i live in a place where i can keep cockerels. At the moment i have 3 and on tuesday i am giving away my poland boy. As i have room for more i thought id get a trio but preferably a rare breed. Have you omletters got any ideas on what rare breeds i could keep? Thank you
  9. My poland hen turned into a cockerel a couple of weeks ago as if i havent already got enough
  10. About a year and half ago I appeared in the wildlife magaziene because at primary school we did a nature quiz and we came second in the county and my group still holds the record at my primary school
  11. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  12. someone is going to send me some eggs next year because no one near me breeds them
  13. Im thining of getting some seremas and pekins thoughts? xx
  14. Hello everybody I think im going to add some more chickens to my gang, any suggestions Im looking for something different, unusal and quirky. Bantam or LF as long as they are softies though in my experience, Bantams usaully beat up my silkies thank you
  15. Ahhh that's really sweet well I guess the quail have been seeing people pretty much all of his/her life and he just had a good experience I'm not a quail expert but that's my theory enjoy your quail
  16. Thing is he was looked up to by so many people/children. I may be young but I know who he is and pretty much everyone does and he could easily make someone lose their job like that
  17. Yes I paid £58 for a dose of metacam, examanation and 2 injections
  18. Thank you for all the lovely comments. He has been introducted to to white silkie ladies but yesterday they jumped over the fence and got in with freedie ( partridge silkie cockerel) and the others. I'm so glad I'm able to keep cockerels because the are such charectors. Our neighbors don't mind my cockerels crowing as long as its not at 4:00 in the morning
  19. Hello everybody I would like you to meet Dylan my LF cuckoo silkie cockerel is'nt he pretty
  20. Sorry to hear your loss I introduced one chicken into a flock of 12 and it didnt go badly at all if you are going to do it do it at night then it shouldnt be so bad in the morning
  21. I still love chickens but these guys are adorable. I'd just love to cuddle one

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