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  1. Congratulations on your new girls! I hope you have many hours of feathery fun :)
  2. Another car tyre user here, the girls absolutely love it, they didnt use a litter tray, but they really love the tyre filled with sand and diatom...
  3. I have a Patterdale Terrier and an electric fence, other than an Omlet WIR. Seems to do the trick! I do get foxes every night but they dont try and go through/ over the electric fence, it does pack some punch....Toby (dog) touched the fence twice and that was it he wont go near it or the girls. He's happy to sit out with them in the garden now :) I think he thinks he's protecting his flock!! :)
  4. I originally had 4 and then added another 4 having lost 2 recently. My girls eat about 120g of layers mash a day each... I have some BHWT girls and they are still growing their feathers back, and original hybrids which I started with. I have a Patterdale terrier who is very good and completely ignores my girls now after three years,(there is an electric fence between them but thats for mr fox), I can leave them out in the garden together with no worries! Do watch out for the foxes they are around at all times of the day, I've had one strolling down my front path at 10 am on a Saturday morning bold as brass :) Most of all enjoy your new girls, they will be fun and there's nothing like your own eggs
  5. Thanks all for your kind words! You've made me feel much better already... Im sure mum will recover within the next two days once her tablets kick in. I wish I could watch my OH shutting the girls in tonight... that would have guaranteed a giggle, he's not a natural with chickens, but bless him he asked if he needed to feed/water them in the morning and walk the dog before he went to work. Lets see what tomorrow brings Hopefully some sunshine!
  6. Its been grey and raining all day, I lost one of my original girls She didnt come out of the cube this morning and so i brought her inside in a cat box but she went down hill fast, and after a good old cuddle this afternoon she gave up The other two big girls are wondering where she's gone but dont seem very upset. Now my mum is poorly and hasnt been taking her tablets so she's lost her memory, lovely! I've had to rearrange my work day tomorrow to redirect a class of 7. Im having to go and stay with my mum tonight and relieve my brother. Its my mums 80th on Sunday so Im hoping she'll feel a lot better by then.... Roll on tomorrow, it has to get better
  7. Yep Im going to take my time introducing them as the bhwt girls are not in a good way on the feather front. TBH you cant see they are ginger chickens they are all down to their white downy feathers and very pale combs, although they do seem to be getting rosier by the day!! 3 eggs yesterday and 4 today so how they are laying I just dont know!! I rehomed them from Waterbridge Farm collection point in Cranliegh. Im just hoping by the end of the year they'll be all transformed into the girls they were supposed to be
  8. Thanks everyone for your kind replies! I was so sad to lose my beautiful speckledy hen, she was a gentle soul I have to say that it was interesting timing, as I had booked in to rescue 3 BHWT hens on Saturday. Well needless to say fate gave me a 4th Chicken as the chicken loaders accidentally put another one in the basket... well I couldnt make them take her out again could I so now I have Mary Mungo Midge and Freebie too. Roll on intros which I've never done before - another chicken learning curve.
  9. Good Morning! Just a quicky, I picked up 4 BHWT girls on Saturday and have them in a Go and run next to my WIR with 3 original girls in, I've let them out to free range separately at the moment, how long should it be before I let them free range together. They have had a few face offs between the runs, but nothing huge... Why is it number 2 or 3 chicken that has the face offs not no1 chicken ?? Any advice would be welcome :)
  10. I went out this morning to find twister my speckledy hen didnt get out of the cube, and when I looked in she was pancaked on the roosting bars. I picked her up and she was not at all good, so I cuddled her up to me and went to the house, unfortunately after a couple of mins she died in my arms I didnt really know what to do, as we've had no real signs of illness, and she just started laying again after her winter break. I just cuddled her for a while and told he how much I loved her and thanked her for all her lovely brown eggs, and popped her in a cardboard box until I could get back from work... My other girls are looking for her still, its sad to watch.
  11. I hope princess layer will be all ok tomorrow, that must have been such a shock for you
  12. I swear by my Rab vidda jacket (lasted three years of constant use so far), the best thing about it is you dont get sweaty inside the jacket when you are walking, it breathes really well. I have Berghaus waterproof trousers which are good for prelonged walking in rain, but not cheap, and meindl walking boots they are light and hard wearing... I also swear by long waterproof gaiters they are a god send and stop you getting wet and muddy, I've managed to walk through many a river without getting wet !!
  13. i love the idea of the ceramic egg!!
  14. Ha ha just saw this on line !! made me laugh....my Oh wont let me buy one

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