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  1. Awww, Who cares if his comb is the wrong colour or not, he's still gorgeous!!!
  2. Thanks, Debs. She'll appreciate the feedback, I'm sure. No not local at all. Infact I've never met her but speak to her online and over the phone. How about you come and see me when my silkies need sexing? (Oo that sounds so rude and wrong! ) Hello!!! Thank You sooo much chestnutmare for posting these piccies up for me Things have kind of moved on for me since I last posted on here including the purchase of these 3 babies, moving my 2 Warrens and 6 Hybrids up to the allotment and then totally "lucking out" when one of the other allotment holders handed over his double allotment to me lock stock & barrel, including 3 runs, custom made coops, 2 sheds, a plethora of fruit tree's including apple, pear, cherry and kiwi fruit.... oh and some 20 + hens (they won't stay still long enough to be counted) and 5 cockerels!!!! (Oh and another 4 commercially bought runs!) I also have 3 Cream Leg Bars being brought on to POL for me by their breeder and hopefully (once sexed) 3 Vorwerk girlies too!!! Very much appreciate the feed back indeed, I too had thought Snowy was a boy and Icey & Blizzard were girls... they were a "spur of the moment" impulse buy, eye candy mostly, eggs will be a bonus plus maybe the opportunity of any girls going broody so I could maybe hatch out a few chicks naturally too??? My main computer is currently in storage and I am having to log on to my daughters computer somewhat sneakily, but it's an i-mac and I'm used to a PC hence me asking CM for help posting the piccies?? OH yes... CM??? I meant what I said you know, your name is on the first 2 CLB girlies I hatch OK?? Will pop some more piccies up of the fluffballs in another couple of weeks time, but if it's 2 boys and a girl then one boy will have to go sadly, can't tolerate fighting....
  3. As the others have already said, don't bother, give them a few eggs when you can, but unless you are keeping a cockerel no worries at all other than basic manners at the end of the day! After all did they tell or ask you when/if they could have a pet??
  4. Am seriously tempted.... you lot are so very naughty!!
  5. My Columbine, Poppy, has started doing the "rooster stoop" today, usually she dashes off to the back of the coop when I try to touch her, (trying to handle the POL's a bit more) but when I was shutting the coop up tonight she stayed put, squatting with her wings up! Hoping she'll be the first of the new bunch to start laying, so the question now is will she lay me a or a watch this space now!!!
  6. Aldi currently have a "grow your own" trailing tomato, hanging basket set, in store for what it's worth???
  7. Hubby & I put our names on the waiting list for an allotment behind a pub about 1/2 a mile away from us 3-4 weeks back, we signed the contract and picked the key up yesterday, we take the allotment over next Saturday (3/3/2012). Nice fertile plot it looks too, can keep chooks there as well and there are no rules re roosters/cockerals? What breed would you put on an allotment? Don't want to move any of my "garden girls" in there as they are the kid's pet chooks, have room for about 6 plus a cockeral? Suggestions please????
  8. Just a quick update on this.....on Friday morning I was doing my usual mid-morning nest box check and was over the moon to find not 1 BUT 2 eggs in Betzy & Ditzy's 2 days on and Betzy has laid daily for me, MASSIVE eggs they are too gawd Bless her 'ickle cotton socks!! So I now have all 4 of my older girls laying daily at the moment!!!!
  9. Oh dear Mum... sounds like you're like me, awake at "Stupid O'Clock" so log into your fave sites to pass away the hours rather than toss and turn instead!!
  10. C'Mon little chicks we can't wait to meet you!!
  11. Flipping Heck!!! Whoever it is deserves a medal and a very soft cushion to sit on!!!
  12. Can't say anything about the but I have a which I am currently keeping 2 warrens (Betzy & Ditzy) in, now they are large girls but I would very happily add 2 more warrens into the itself. It's not so much the housing though, but more the run size? I currently have a 2m run on my which is enough for Betz & Ditz but a 3rd hen would require it to be lengthened... With regards to day to day living with the it's brilliant compared to my wooden coops, far easier to clean out and maintain, but my biggest moan would be that as it's at ground level I have to bend further down to get into it? Might sound a trivial thing but following a nasty fall off my horse last summer my hip and lower back have been grumbling about this activity somewhat in the recent chilly weather something to consider I feel when you are a "certain" age and starting to feel the ravages of time FWIW????
  13. Blimey! If that is how your WIR looks when it is *due* a "big clean" .. can't wait to see it when you *have* given it one!!!! Mine looks like that *after* a "big clean" I was thinking the same!! Looks wonderful to me!! Glad to hear that it's all going so well so far!!!
  14. First of all a nice gentle {{{HUG}}} from me, secondly if you are getting Diclofenic then it must be bad, that's a heavy duty painkiller and most GP's round my way won't prescribe it any more as it can be addictive I had it last year when I had a ruptured ear-drum oh the bliss! I hope that you are feeling much better very soon sweetheart xxx

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