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  1. I did paper and then one bag and then bin. It was definitely old age as an ex bat and her sisters are fine so I wasn’t worried about bird flu.
  2. I lost a chicken last night. In the past I’ve always bagged them up and put them in the normal waste bin (except the recycling bin incident) but I’ve realised that sticking a chicken in a plastic bag isn’t good for the environment at all. I have a load of strips of paper packaging. I was thinking of rolling her in it and then putting her in the bin. Do you reckon that would be ok? I want her to decompose and go back to the Earth.
  3. If it’s the batteries, can you not just change them. I assume just holding Ok down doesn’t do it.
  4. Thought this would be the best reentry spot I’m not really new but I probably don’t know most of you so... hello
  5. bronze

    RIP Poet...

    Rip Justine Love to Ian and all
  6. I'm going to have to use wire as they've taken to digging out. Takes them about an hour and its just not possible. also means no runs on the grass because they trash it
  7. Sorry must apologis for my temperetal keyboard. I have got fed up of having to correct every 3rd letter
  8. I know the dimensions of the bars are on here somewhre but can't find them and don't want to go out in the rain. I don't need the actual bar sizes just the size that they fit into on the floor if that makes sense
  9. I ssume because gttig a passport is expnsive and a drivig lcense even more so. Uber - I feel for you as I suffered exactly the same problem. I seem to remember a provisional driving licnese is cheaper though and official enough that most places accept it
  10. DH came into the room to me sobbing 'you know I'm normally a hardhearted cah, this DIYSOS is soooo sad, wahhh'
  11. I never knew this either Hope it an be saved for you
  12. We always wanted to move to Wales but DH has found that because he works in sales and can't speak Welsh he has no chance. Which is fair enough, if we moved to France we would be expected to speak French My parents have a house, and will be living in Mid Wales when they move back from overseas. They are retired though so no need for the language even though they both have a basic grasp. Mum had lessons and Dad went to Welsh speakng school. I can't wait take the children and spend long summers with them and a jaleous of anyone who does get to move there. It is our retirement plan too
  13. I always bought organic free range from supermarkets occasionally butchers before, though I got chickens when I was 25ish so didn't have many years of shopping for myself first. Now all the chickens in the freezer started their lives as eggs with us, pork and lamb we buy by the animal (or hlf) from a friend whose standards of welfare are very high. Can't say it's having chickens that has changed this, more that getting chickens was part of our change.
  14. I ended up not using a pram at all for my last. They were more hassle than theyre worth

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