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  1. I think maybe they were too big, would someone have taken them down? I am at work at the mo, maybe I can put up a link to my photobucket a/c and then everyone can have a nose at all the chooks (past and present) at their leisure...
  2. Thanks Mrs_B I don't think it'll be long before they are waaaay too big to be snuggling under mum!
  3. Hi Roselady, well I have been learning a lot from other people posting dimwit questions, so post away!! I am seriously struggling with photos at the moment, should probably try doing it when I am less tired. The chickens chattering woke me at 5.30 this morning, the little monkeys!!
  4. Thanks Leanne, think it is wishful thinking on my part, so I will just keep my fingers crossed for some girlies
  5. all my pics are coming out really massive it seems, think I am more of a technophobe than I thought!!
  6. Thanks guys! yes, it's definitely been an adventure being a chicken owner. Very rewarding, but very hard work sometimes! I have tried uploading some pics in the hatching forum, but I guess I am too premature, will have to try again after a few more postings! Altho, now I can see smilies to my right, so maybe I can post pics now...?
  7. Our lovely Cheeky the chicken went broody, so we bought some fertilised eggs and put them under her. They hatched 2 days earlier than expected on June 24th, so I guess now they are 3.5 weeks old and probably way too young to sex!! I haven't given them names yet, in case we can't keep them if they are boys, but the 2nd one is definitely going to be a bit of a frizz! ....... Photos didn't work on the first go!
  8. Hello everyone! I thought it was about time I posted on the forum, I've been coming here for about a year looking for info from you helpful lot. It would be rude for me not to share pics of my girls! We originally started off with 3 girls in a Go, but sadly one was being bullied so she had to retire with some relatives in Cornwall, and the other 2 later we lost in a fox attack. As so often happens with chicken keeping, I developed morehens and we now have 5 chickens of various shapes and sizes, and 2 3 week old chicks. We still have a lot to learn about chooks, and this forum has been an absolute mine of information! Maybe one day I will be able to pass on some knowledge of my own! Right, now I am off to the chicks/hatching section to play "guess if it's a boy or a girl"!! Yerbs. PS as soon as I have worked out how to get my pics from Facebook to here, I will post them up

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