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  1. My neighbour, (next door but one) has rats under his decking and a neighbour the other side has mice. So I'm having to set traps. It's a shame as we get a lot of hedgehogs and I used to feed them. Only option is to put bait boxes down as I can't control how tidy the neighbours are.
  2. Thanks for all the advice The cream has worked on little Olive's ears, the swelling has gone right down and the scabs are coming off to show fresh skin. We treated twice a day for about 10 days. We also gave her the tablet, in some cat food, which she wolfed down in no time, after about 36-48 hours she had noticeably improved. Nearly seven days on and she is still sitting huddled up every so often and not keeping up with the others, but she is now at least making out the coop in a morning. I followed Sandy's advice and she is behaving a lot more like a chicken when n the house, so I'm hoping its just the cold weather and nothing else underlying. Matt
  3. Hi Guys, I'm looking for some advice on a poorly chuck. About 2 weeks ago we noticed our little Pekin, Olive, had sat huddled for 2 days. When we checked her she had had blisters/warts on her ears, and she had a bit of a smell to her. So we duly took her to the vets having never seen anything like it before. The diagnosis was that she either has an ear infection or Mycoplasma, although leaning more towards an ear infection. Over that last 2 weeks she has had 5 injections of Tylin Antibiotics, which after the 3rd started to show some improvement. On my last visit, Monday, she was looking a lot better, but still is sitting huddled a lot of the time (Like she is trying to stay warm). The vet suggested that we could use Canesten Duo to treat the ear infection as it is a fungal infection. So I've been applying the cream to her ears twice daily and crushed the tablet into her food, as advised. But she is remaining huddled. I'v now isolated her, but when she was with the others she was getting up in a morning, eating and drinking and then following the others for short periods, before stopping and huddling to stay warm. In the last few days she's taken to staying indoors and sitting with a broody I have. She is eating, drinking and poo'ing. Her comb is a good colour and she is bright eyed. The only thing worrying me is the amount of time she is spending all fluffed up into a ball, its like she can't stay warm. Any idea's/advice? Thanks Matt
  4. We were cleaning out the cube yesterday and my OH noticed one of the chicks had mites on her head around her ears, but not anyone else on her. We duly checked and treated the other girls but couldn't find any other signs. I'd already treated the cube with poultry shield by this stage, the next box with Diatom, and I've since added total Mite kill powder to all the cracks and gaps. But has anyone heard of a mite that seems to affect the head and ears only? Thanks Matt
  5. Auboise is made from Hemp isn't it? Might be the weather conditions of when its harvested that affect it.
  6. Just ordered a with a 3m run. Now just waiting for a delivery date
  7. Thanks, I think I'll get them in during the day. I want to put some logs in etc. for them to climb on. So I think if they go in first with new toys, they might be encouraged to go and look around a bit. I suspect I'm going to be lifting one of then in for the first few nights
  8. Thanks Redwing, Its not too bad a slope, its very gentle, however i have noticed with my current wooden one, i've just got to pick my spots in the garden. I'm really just looking forward to getting it now
  9. Hi Alex, The only thing I would say is be prepared to spend money on a coop, wooden or plastic. I bought a 'flat pack' chicken coop to begin with for £150 thinking that it would be a good starter coop. In the 8 months I've repaired it several times and i'm just glad this winter has been mild so far, as I don't think it would be much good otherwise. Needless to say I'm ordering a Cube after much debate about buying a wooden one. You definitely get what you pay for. Matt
  10. Hi All, I'm ordering a cube on Friday but just wanted to ask a quick question about the fox proof skirt on the run from people that already have one. Does the run have to be on a completely flat surface? Planning on putting the coop in the garden but the garden slopes slightly in places and just wanted to check. Also does anyone have any advice on the best way to move the ladies into the Cube from their existing coop? Should I put then in during the day or pop them in at night so they wake in their new home? I've 5 little pekins, so its probably going to feel like a Palace to them Matt
  11. We have 2 male pheasants visit throughout the week. The girls all seem to hide in the coop when he arives, but we have Pekins, and they are so much bigger than him. Again I've worried about the health risks, but we also ahve lots of wild birds come to the table and I can't see how to stop it.
  12. Really sorry to hear about your chicken, poor thing, definitely would have been a 2 person job. Hopefully the police will be able to track it down. What colour was it?
  13. I've got to admit I was thinking the same thing yesterday. I'm planning on ordering a cube at the end of the month and I'm looking forward to not having to crawl around inside my wooden coop. My current coop is a flat pack type, that i got for £150, which i thought was a bargain, but in the 8 month I've owned it I've had to repair it several times (Partly because i move it around) and I've noticed now the plywood parts are starting to absorb moisture. In hindsight, I consider it an expensive lesson on impulse buying, i spent plenty of time looking at breeds, but not at housing. My biggest decision now is what colour to go for
  14. Hi, I'm hoping someone might be able to help. I bought a real Christmas tree a few years ago, which I've kept in a pot and reused every year. But the tree is now about 7ft and rally should be planted properly, however I don't have space in my garden. Does anyone know of any schemes where tree's can be replanted as I don't want to see the tree die, and my local council only seem to be interested in shredding trees. Thanks Matt
  15. Hi Guys, Thanks for the advice. we ended up taking him to the vet, because when we were bathing him, we found mites in his coat. It seems they were causing the matting. We had been using Spot On, but for some reason it hadn't worked, so the vet has treated him, and hopefully it will kill them off, once we dose him a second time in 2 weeks. The Vet weighed him and he is 131g, which is a good weight We've also got some of the Blackcurrant and Oregano Burgess Excel that we are mixing with their usual dry food, Wagg. We've also started giving them herbs, with teh usual Carrot, Cucumber, Pepper, sweetcorn, green beans and salad stuff. Thanks for all the advice.

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