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  1. I’ve hatched my first ever chicks this year and they are now ready to move into a coop. I’d like an Eglu go up or cube with run and can collect. I’m in Walsall, West Midlands but will travel within reason!
  2. I’m looking for either a cube or Eglu go up, I can collect and I’m willing to travel up to about an hour. I’m in Walsall/ Wolverhampton.
  3. I've just checked our local free cycle and someone had put a wanted for a car. It doesn't have to be totally done up but it has to be in good working order! Where did I put all those spare extra cars...
  4. Yes, the guilty face I found upon getting up today said it all too. Our greyhound has taken a liking for the bin and got in in it (literally head first vertically!) to retrieve half a stale loaf and other assorted rubbish bits to scatter around the kitchen... Delightful bit of hoovering and cleaning while recovering from flu! Animals...
  5. My class have an African land snail- Gary! They adore him but he has to come home with me in holidays as our parents just aren't keen (and I'm not sure he'd survive a weekend with some of mine!)
  6. I'm an ox- would prefer to be a rooster or rat (both much loved pets too!)
  7. Everyone has had some lovely ideas, I've taught foundation and as much as you can try to work in something that they can actually touch. Would they let you take in a hen? Or borrow and take in chicks? That would be fab- you'd get so much talking and listening from them. If not lots of pictures, eggs, feed and maybe a hen story- making a resource box all about hens would really engage them!
  8. A neighbour of mine has great success with burying jars or larger containers in the soil and putting beer at the bottom. Gets rid of hundreds of them each night and it works with some other liquids too but can't recall which..
  9. Wow! Where did you find that picture? Had to show my husband who though my (pet fancy) rats were big..
  10. I have the rest of this week left as Wolverhampton were a week later breaking up- already dreading going back though. So many things to do when I get there and before!
  11. Mine has Siri too it answers the weirdest of questions with witty responses
  12. My girls are pecking at the door the minute I'm up with the dog usually 6.30 every day so I let them out then and they take themselves to bed at half 4 at the moment so shut them in then.
  13. After three weeks of owning our POL chickens for the first time, I went down to check on them at 9 - they were both dancing excidedly in front of the WIR door. A quick check and I found our first egg - not a clue which one laid it but it is beautiful. So excited! As are they judging from all the noise they are making... Here it is... not sure I want to eat it as its so special!
  14. My life is already taken over! They are gorgeous and so so cheeky and confident. We sat hand feeding them all morning... Have sadly let my hubby name them so they have daft names but no doubt I'll only ever use nicknames! They are black rock (the one similar to miss pepperpot) and an ISA brown (ginger one) I now have to figure out how I'm ever supposed to get any wrk done when I can see them pottering happily around the run... Just been watching the black rock jumping, as if on a pogo stick in order to peck at the top leave of a small tree in their run lol- very comical How have I never had chickens before now?

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