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  1. thanks for your kind words of encouragement. we today selected 2 new girls: Ebony (black Rock) and Hermione (Blue something!). They are now settling in their Eglu run and i'm sure will become part of the family. NO unsupervised freeranging for a while....... me thinks a fox has been "playing" with us.....
  2. My two girls Emily and Beatrice were free ranging last wednesday in the garden (as they always did) and i returned at 530 to find Emily feathers all over the garden and no girls. Checking with neighbours, they have reported seeing a fox around. BUT. The following day more feathers appeared in the centre of the garden. Then on friday Beatrice's rmeians were returned to the garden. Slowly more feathers appeared and then a leg and now this morning, 10 days later, the remains of E were in the centre of the garden. And an egg. ?????? What animal takes and then returns its victims. I want to get more girtls - my EGlu Go is very lonely and the garden empty with clucking and inquisitive girls running around.

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