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  1. Long story, but I have 1 less than last time I posted in this thread so... 1901 - 1 = 1900
  2. Only have 1 Marans left at the mo, might pick up an Appenzeller to keep her company, she's getting a bit bored!
  3. Unfortunately, she laid her last egg on the 10th Feb. After a couple of days not laying I thought it was fair enough because she'd been busy (5 days in a row). On Friday she'd started to act quite lethargic, so I took her to the breeder on Saturday. She had sour crop and although she seemed to improve slightly yesterday, she died today. She was a very good looking bird, quite a shame.
  4. Cheers for the replies! It's certainly different with pure breeds when you're used to hybrids. Good luck to those still waiting, I'm sure you won't be waiting long now
  5. I had a hen with a big comb and no eggs, turned out to be a cockerel
  6. 5000 to break even? Ouch! I think I'm glad I haven't worked it out! I think in my Chicken keeping career I've had around 500 eggs and given half away
  7. Having lost out hybrid layers to the fox in summer, we bought 3 pure breed pullets late in August 2012, hoping they might start last year. Well, they didn't The Orpington squatted for me on Saturday, so I thought the first egg was a week to 10 days away. I was out all day Sunday, so didn't see them until I went out this morning and there in the nest box was the first egg, very small. I suspect it was laid some time yesterday, because we got another this afternoon, slightly larger but still small. I guess this post is just a bit of encouragement for those waiting or wondering when their hens may start laying, I know it can be frustrating if you have your first brood and are not sure what's going to happen.
  8. Sorry can't help but thought the thread deserved a bump.
  9. How old is she, and what does the egg weigh? She is very attractive.
  10. We have 3 cats and 3 hens. We used to have 3 Ambers and 3 Pekins and the cats were either scared of them or disinterested in them. Now we have a young Siklie I've seen one of our cats and a neighbours cat stalking her, but as she's grown I've seen the cat go face to face with her and just run away. Cats like to chase prey and chickens are generally inquisitive, it's rarely a problem.
  11. Hi it sounds a bit like one of my Pekins. She went very lethargic and in the end just stopped doing anything. We took her back to the breeder who took her in to try and perk her up. Unfortunately she didn't make the 2nd night with him, though he did get her eating. To encourage her to eat he used a heat lamp and said they'll always eat if you warm them up, he was raising chicks so put her in with them and gave her mixed corn. We still don't really know what happened but his best guess was that she had a stroke.
  12. I found they just sort of get the idea. First one I found was in the middle of the garden, when they first lay I don't think they really know what's going on but when they've laid a few they know what to do about it.
  13. I agree Purple, first thing I thought is do they free range. It's very normal to find a clutch hidden somewhere, they like a private place to lay so can find some very obscure places. When I thought mine hadn't started I found 28 in the hedge one day. 2 years later when they had been laying in the Eglu for ages they all suddenly decided to go behind the compost heap and shed.
  14. I had 3 hybrids and 2 Pekins sharing 1 classic, I think you'll be fine.
  15. It's not really the bullied one you need to take out, it is the bully. I know you said they are all having a go at her, but is there one that is most aggressive? Taking that one out may help re sort the hierarchy. Also is she getting weak? They can turn on a weak member of the flock (and because of this are quite good at hiding it from you).
  16. Just wondered if it could be the calcium carbonate in the shell doing something unusual and a web search led me here http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/vm047 Doesn't make too much sense to me but I'm tired lol.
  17. You'll need to keep her separate until the wound is healed up or they'll just keep going for it. I'd keep her in while it's still open to the elements to reduce risk of infection.
  18. They will sort the pecking order out, your single hen needs to be part of a hierarchy. She'd be happier as bottom hen than solitary hen.
  19. Why do you take the bars out? Feel like I've missed a step somewhere reading that, my 3 all pile into the nesting box together despite the fact they don't really fit lol.
  20. If they aren't sitting on anything then there isn't really any point them being broody, so I'd set up a broody cage or similar and try to break the broodiness.
  21. It's legal to take photo's of almost anything while on public property, so that includes you in your front room watching telly. If the pictures were taken from your private ground, then you'd have to give permission for them to be there in the first place. It's possible that you've signed something that states they need to gain access to your property to carry out their job, including taking photo's. If they've sold the pictures then they'd need a signed release from yourself to do that. It's a really complicated subject that can take ages to get to the bottom of...
  22. I haven't eaten KFC since watching the video linked below. I think if you are eating there, you should watch it. I think it's around 10 years old now but is still there so I guess little has changed. WARNING YOU MAY FIND THE VIDEO EXTREMELY UPSETTING http://www.kentuckyfriedcruelty.com
  23. When my 2 Pekins started to lay, they were perfectly in sync for about 2 weeks. I either got 2 eggs or none. Having got used to it, it was really disappointing to find just one, at first I thought it had been stolen because I was so used to seeing 2! (neighbours cat sometimes steals an egg and drops it on their back doorstep).
  24. Yep, to be considered a Marans the egg should be a certain shade of dark brown or darker. It's number 4 on some scale I think, but I can't remember what the scale is called

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