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  1. That's good, thanks for letting me know, it's reassuring that others have the same gap but have had no break-ins! I did speak to someone at Omlet last week who said a gap is normal but if it was too big to contact them. She also suggested putting it inside a WIR. Thanks all of you, I really appreciate it and am just probably being paranoid! My daughter's got a chronic illness and is very attached to the girls, it would really set her back to lose any of them, think that's why I'm stressing about the gap!!!!!!
  2. thanks lwescott, just looked and they only courier within 100miles and it's 149! have found somewhere else so will look into that. cheers tho!
  3. I Thanks Dogmother, our wooden coop is secure in terms of there are no gaps for a fox to hook it's paw around, there are a few scratch marks where it's tried to get in! I do love the eglu classic but so far haven't used it (I want to use it as a standalone coop) as am genuinely concerned about the inch gap - it's obvious a fox can get it's paw in if i can get a few fingers inside the closed door. My daughter has suggested putting some meat in overnight and seeing if it's gone in the morning - although a rat could get in definitely so guess that doesn't prove it's a fox! Oh golly!!!! Dogmother - has yours got a gap and if so, have you seen any evidence of attempted break in? THANKS
  4. thanks mrs happy chicken, shame really isn't it cos they advertise it as being fox-resistant..
  5. thank you both!!!!!! Happy Mrs chicken, do you use yours by itself and if so, have you had any 'break-ins'? Anyone else out there use their Eglu Classic without the run (and having a not-tightly-fitting-door when closed!)? If so, any probs with attempted break-ins? Thanks
  6. I know 2 people who take it regularly - one takes for their immune system (they have M.E) and the other takes it for coeliac disease and it's really helped him! Both are big promoters of it as a result! I would def go and see the docs about acid reflux incase you have a hiatus hernia or something, just in case. Take care!
  7. [quote=I had my down on earth. It wasn't great. They now have a WIR and the concerete makes life so much easier. How about using rubber matting? Someone posted pictures today... will go and find the thread now. Here it is: http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=83356 Oooh we are in wales too, where did you get your WIR from and are you pleased with it? thanks
  8. Oooh please let me know if you think it's thick enough and where they got it from. My run is so muddy due to the huge amount of rain we get here (daily!). I use B&Q softwood chips on, well, now mud! Thought about getting the rubber chips but thought that their membrane might be too thin? Thought about getting plastic, but when I put a thick plastic garden sack on my daughter's knee for the chicken to sit on, her claws go through it, and that's without digging!
  9. Hi lwescott, just had to say i've been having a quick read of your blog online and I love it! Your rabbit looks adorable, and all those cute chicks/doves etc! Where did you get the panels from for the WIR? We're few hrs further south than you but wondered if there's a supplier nearby. although I guess i 'd have to first convince my husband....! ooh for some reason the smilies/bbc code/signature thing is on for me! yay!
  10. hi wolfie, that's so sad about your chicken, hope you're ok. I can't switch on the BBC code either or add a signature, tells me I'm not authorised too. maybe you only get it when you've posted a 100 posts or something?!!!!!
  11. Hi, We have 3 lovely hens - 2 cheeky rangers and 1 adorable bluebelle - which we bought as growers in June. We started them off in a wooden coop with detached run - oh you learn the hard way!! - it was a bit of a faff trying to shepherd them from one to the other, plus they needed more space (ha ha!) so we bought the Omlet netting and fenced off a part of the garden 3m x3m. Due to the almost-daily rain we get here in South Wales it's now become a bog, literally, only to be entered with wellies and old clothes incase you slip! The constant rain has meant that the chicken poos get washed into the soil (is this TMI?!!!!! Sorry!!!!) which has meant that it's now starting to smell!!! For the neighbours' sake and to enable us to access the girls over the winter (and to give that sorry ground a break...) we bought a 2nd hand eglu yest. Very nervous about using the eglu classic as a standalone coop tho cos of the gap in the door when it's closed - i can get 2 fingers inside it and open it about an inch! What about foxyloxy tho? :0 Have read that this is normal but am concerned.... Anyway, I am so grateful for this forum, it seems great and am looking forward to getting to know my way around it and getting to know other chicken lovers! They really are totally addictive!
  12. Hi and Please Help!!! I have just joined the Omlet club as I am in need of some advice before I put my 3 beloved hens in their eglu! (we bought them in June and have had a wooden coop but they have destroyed their area of the garden turning it into a swamp, so we decided to buy a 2nd hand eglu classic to put on concrete to give the ground a rest!) My hubby collected the eglu classic and put it together today. I am slightly concerned about the door though - when it's closed, I can manage to get 2 fingers behind the outside edge of the door, making an open gap of about an inch! The door mechanism looks fine, the door itself seems to be in place, but I'm wondering is this just how they are? ie. not a tightly closed fit? I had wanted to use the house as a stand alone/without the run but am now too worried just incase a foxyloxy manages to hook its paw around the door and open it.... My husband won't let me pull too hard on the door to try it out incase I break it! Any advice or thoughts really appreciated!!!

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