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  1. Hello, I don't know if you'd be interested but we are selling our Eglu Classic and 4m lo-rise run, with grubs and glugs and a few extras. Do get in touch if you might be interested 😊 Best regards, Paula
  2. Cheeky Chooky

    The deed is done! MWAHAHAHAHA!

    Well done that man, it looks fabulous! OH said it looks brand new Have fun getting your chooks
  3. Cheeky Chooky

    Messy ducks

    The floor of the WIR that our two Muscovy girls share is part pea shingle, which their paddling pool sits on, some slate paving stones in the middle and then hardwood wood chip at the end nearest their This setup has worked brilliantly for years
  4. Cheeky Chooky

    Advice on best duck breed

    Sorry, very late to this but we've got two Muscovy girls and they're just wonderful Had Miniature Appleyards in the past and the noise was just too much for where we live
  5. Cheeky Chooky

    Best bedding for duck house

    Yup, I use Aubiose too
  6. Cheeky Chooky

    What can I feed my ducks

    We've got two Muscovy girls, Millie and Maude and they rule the roost in our garden They have Garvo duck pellets, fresh spinach leaves, dried mealworms (which are their favourite thing of all) and mixed corn in winter. I've seen Maude having a go at eating some of our windfall apples but they prefer hunting for slugs and snails
  7. Cheeky Chooky

    Cradle to the grave!

    I am! Fab isn't it
  8. Cheeky Chooky

    Fantails mating

    We have two females in our little gang of six fancy goldfish and they've been getting the same harassment for the last few weeks, bless 'em. The males are trying to get them to release their eggs and they'll usually do this amongst the plants; then they'll eat them.
  9. Our two Muscovy girls are very comfortable and happy in their I couldn't envisage them in either of our mainly due to the moulded nest area.
  10. Cheeky Chooky

    Lost a Goldfish Today

    Sorry to hear that We have five fancy goldfish and we adore them...they're such funny and sweet little characters so we can imagine how upset you're feeling *hug*
  11. Cheeky Chooky

    Ikea kitchen - does anyone have one here??

    Hi Sophie, my OH installed our IKEA kitchen three months ago and it's fabulous
  12. Cheeky Chooky

    Fairy in the greenhouse

  13. Cheeky Chooky

    Meet Tilly the Duckling

    Awww, what a cutie
  14. Cheeky Chooky

    Runner Ducklings!

    Haven't got any experience of little 'uns so no useful advice I'm afraid (Leanne's needed for that ) but just wanted to say how absolutely gorgeous they are!