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  1. Sorry you lost your girl Ali and sorry to hear you've been poorly too *hug* Once you feel better and the weather improves, you can start making plans for your WIR and hopefully new to live with your remaining two
  2. Can't offer any advice that hasn't been offered already Chrissie, just wanted to send you a mahoosive virtual hug. Do whatever you feel you need to do xxx
  3. She's gorgeous Faith I was 2 months away from turning 40 when we got our first dog He's 4 next month
  4. Really sorry to hear that *hug* I am no expert but if it were me, I would definitely go for it and put them together ASAP.
  5. So sorry to read this Hope you get some positive news soon *hug*
  6. They're so cute Lewis Love the pic of the studious Sherlock
  7. We have items from Runaround for our Bunns and although expensive, they are fantastic quality and have been very well thought out...can't recommend them highly enough
  8. Oh I'm so sorry to hear that It was always wonderful to read your posts about Julian and your love for him always shone through *hug*
  9. Someone once told me that introducing new ducks to an existing flock was like watching toddlers fighting and they were right Leanne is spot on as always are far easier than and they'll soon settle
  10. Our Muscovy girls are locked safely away every night and they seem perfectly happy After reading a terrible post on here about someone finding their poor Muscovy had had its bill ripped off overnight through the bars of the WIR, I'd never risk my girls
  11. Our duck run is stood on bare earth; one half has hardwood wood chip and the other half has lots and lots of pea shingle and it works really well for our 2 Muscovy girls

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