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  1. Sorry to hear that *hug* You don't need to rush into anything...see how your remaining girl is over the next week...it'll give you some time to think *hug*
  2. I know exactly what you mean The trays will probably end up full of wood chip too You know what chookens are like when they're on a mission
  3. I agree...you can't really generalise when it comes to chookens. Our remaining Pekin has never been noisy. Warrens are definitely a good all round Have you thought about re-homing some Ex-Batts?
  4. Our girls don't leave anything edible anywhere Probably a daft question but have you got the Grubs positioned high enough so that your girls can peck at the pellets that fall underneath?
  5. We have Terriers who are fine with our and but they do react to our
  6. So sorry to read that It must be devastating to have it happen once, let alone for a second time *hug*
  7. I just let our girls get on with it, turfing them out every now and then for food, drink and a quick dust bath
  8. Our doors are always open so the girls come out in their own sweet way The ducks however are shut in at night (otherwise they'd be mucking about all night long and they come zooming out of their as soon as it's opened
  9. at the thought of you wandering around IKEA with your Grub
  10. I recognise those stools and trug They'll soon be covered in poo
  11. Sorry you lost your girl. Your newbies are just lovely

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