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  1. Awww I'm sure your girls will help you feel better
  2. I did have that 'conversation' with myself in my head and told myself to remember that they are chickens! I suppose I'll just have to see if/when I can arrange to get to the breeder. I don't drive, which complicates things a bit
  3. So sad...and how awful for you to have had to hear it Hope you're ok.
  4. I was so excited as I was going to pick up my 3 Australorp Bantam girls this morning but the person who was going to take me has let me down at the last minute I'm not feeling too good anyway and given the fact that I've still got some bits to get before the girl's arrival anyway, I just think all these things are telling me that I should wait until next year The opportunity to buy the eglu came up suddenly and I'm really pleased that I got it but I've been thinking that I won't get much time with the girls, given the dark evenings and with winter approaching. I'm sure it's the right thing to do but it's going to be hard looking at the empty eglu in the garden for months on end
  5. I'm afraid I'm a bit strict like chestnutmare in that I only give layers pellets and corn in the afternoon...oh and a few greens That's great advice...I'm going to get straight onto that tomorrow!
  6. They're lovely We did that with our first chickens. We're hoping to pick up our girls on Saturday morning
  7. You're so lucky! I love Frizzles but they seem to be quite hard to find! Have fun with them
  8. Love these photos! (Sorry, don't know how to access smileys at the minute?!)
  9. Hello, I have just become the proud owner of a fab green eglu classic (via eBay) and am soon to be the proud Mummy of 3 gorgeous Australorp Bantams, so I thought I'd better join the forum! My OH and I have kept chickens before...various hybrids as well as some lovely RIR girls who were wonderful but I've hankered after some Aussie Bantams for such a long time and I'm so excited to have finally found some! We also have a Border Terrier called Eddie who will be 2 years old this month and a black cat, Coco who is 4. Look forward to getting to know you guys

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