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  1. Thank you to everyone for your help and advice, always good to hear what everyone thinks. We are toying with the idea of attaching our secondary coop to the WIR to offer 2 living quarters so now its just whether we decide to risk introducing some banties to the big birds or stick with all hybrids. I'm not sure its a good idea - I struggled when we introduced our previous 2 flocks together and they were all big birds. Just not nice to see them sort the pecking order, let alone real bullying of the smaller girlies! But by husband and I shall continue to deliberate and continue with our chookie chats! LOVE IT! Thanks again!
  2. Hello everyone, some opinions would be most helpful... We have an eglu classic, currently housing 2 hybrids after losing some of the flock over the last 18 months and we think its time to welcome some new girls... The temporary coop and run is set up ready, next to our walk in run where the original hens are but we are unsure how many we 'can' get... We would love to get 5 more but is 7 just too many for the eglu??? Our walk in run is big enough for many more than that so thats not the problem. We are also considering some pekins,bantums or cochins, would 2 hybrids and 4 smaller varieties along with our resident girls be just a silly idea? (I now seem to have made 8 when I just said 7 would be too many?!?!) Am I mad to even consider the smaller dainty girls along with the hybrids, I know some people have them mixed and others keep them seperate. What would you do??? Thank you very much in advance for your thoughts!

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