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  1. Thanks for replying, i will bear that in mind, will the chick be ok in a humid cellar? I have the under-stair cupboard which I will use but I cannot fit the ring in any bigger than approx 70cm so will a cellar be ok because that was my 2nd option? also i have read that sawdust can get splayed legs for the chicks, what can i use as a base material? or is sawdust ok? ive but a sheet of thin roll of something i dont know what its called! thanks again for the help, much appreciated. will
  2. It's a corrugated black plastic ring with an EcoGlow brooder, and specialised chick feeder and drinker. The diameter is 70cm. Will this be big enough? I have 6 eggs in the incubator, and I'm not sure how many will hatch. So for maximum, would it be big enough for 6 chicks? Thanks ,Will
  3. Lovely photos what breed is the hen on the 3rd photo, golden buff colour? she looks lovely! Will
  4. Yes, im only 14 so im exploring all types of chicken keeping thanks again
  5. Thank you for your info! I will definatley take no.6 out it never developed, sorry for my constant questions i've never incubated before,thanks again ... Will
  6. Well it turns out the 2 that i thought were fertile aren't but I havent got rid of them yet. I cant seem to find much candling photos so I could do with some help as to what you think are fertile or not fertile. Be honest because personally, I dont think i have any that are fertile! Egg number 1 Egg number 2 Egg number 3 Egg number 4 Egg number 5 Egg number 6 Thank you
  7. Those are the two pictures, theres not much others to see on the other eggs yet. Today is day 6, these photos were on day 3 I think. What do you think?
  8. Hm, sounds weird because just one is affected, but what usually happens is one hen catches the cold then passes it round. How, i'm not that sure but it depends how they're sheltered. Free range? Run with roof? Run without roof? How long have you had the hen for? If she is quite new to your flock, it could of come from the breeder, but if not, that's obviously not relevent info... What breed of dog is in your picture? its lovely! Will:)
  9. Hi, when I candled my eggs (day 6) the egg seems darker, an orange colour with off-white spider veins going all over one side, but plain the other side? Is this good or bad?
  10. try mini meadows farm, welford, northants minimeadowsfarm.co.uk good luck
  11. Hi there, sorry to hear about your loss. Foxes aren't nice and things like this happen! I had 1 Silkie bantam that went in with 5 other large fowl hens, and she didn't get on well with them at all. So we moved her into our 'hospital coop' and see how she coped living on her own. She was doing fine, and loved it, but we felt sorry for her! I got a Pekin and another silkie to live with her and absolutely no problems at all. I was expecting fighting and everything, but no a lovely cuddle under the wing they got! My hens aren't Free range, I keep them in the chicken coop and as long as yours is large enough, mine is, there is no problem keeping them in the run... Its totally up to you obviously but this is just advice. The other thing you could do is invest in an incubator, which you can get a 10 egg manual turner for about £70. May seem expensive at first, but you can re-use it, so it covers your cost basically. If you need any more help, please ask, I don't mind! Best wishes,Will
  12. Thanks for replying the photos should work if you copy and paste into the address bar... Start at the pic.twitter address ignore picture 1 etc... One had a red worm like appearance One had lots of marks, cream in colour Thanks for taking the time to reply Will
  13. Today is day 4, these are the candling photo links Please tell me which ones are fertile, infertile, and not sures. Photo 1 pic.twitter.com/uK9wKrSy Photo 2 pic.twitter.com/xRaWAtf3 Photo 3 pic.twitter.com/OBfATnUx Photo 4 pic.twitter.com/PDUglAwR Photo 5 pic.twitter.com/mJTCM4hY Photo 6 pic.twitter.com/qLiW66bT Photo 7 pic.twitter.com/Sjw1xXx8 Thank you!
  14. Congrats!! Sounds brilliant news. I've seen you're replies on my post so I thought I'd look at your posts! How lovely of you to get more of Rico's identicals! My Lemon pekins are in memory of my girly Poppet, she was so nice but died suddenly, and she was so pretty and tame even though I had her for a few weeks! I know the feeling and fingers crossed for me in the incy I will have good luck and replace her...I hatched 1 LP chick naturally with my hen last week but died so I really do know the feeling!! I'd love to see some pictures, good luck and hope everything goes brilliantly. Will x

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