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  1. 1572-1=1571 Rip Ginny-little bantam faverolle-a real sweetie
  2. Thanks folks- yes she was a little luvvy-ah the saddest thing was that only this morning she was sat on my lap having a stroke and a chat!! bless her-what lovely creatures faverolles are.
  3. Well it all started last night-a 'helpful' member of my family decided to collect any last eggs before shutting the chickens in for the night-the eggs in question were being sat on by a broody silkie and had been for the last week or so-anyway to get to the point I didnt know this until this afternoon when I found the eggs sitting on the worktop-doh! Then one of the young boys decided to 'break into' the broody pekins retreat and smash one of her eggs! so far its going great guns-the worst part of the day when I went into the garden after a couple of hours away and found my lovely little bantam faverolle Ginny had died-bless her she was such a little sweetie
  4. Sorry if this seems a silly question but.... As some of you may know, with the aid of a broody hen we hatched out two chicks in January. The chicks were the product of a gold silkie mum and a lavender araucana dad and have grown into lovely blacky/reddy chicks (I'm sure there is a proper name for their colour!) however why do they have serrated combs? unlike daddy who has a pea(?)comb. can someone explain genetics to me!!
  5. Oh no! my silkie has gone broody again! oh dearie me what shall I do!!! might pop some pekin x araucana eggs under her!
  6. Loved it-read the books a while ago and thought they were fab, tried to get ED to read them but she refused-but after a trip to the flicks with her, she is now completely obsessed with the story, she read all read books in three days (during the hols!) and so we went and saw it again yesterday. Must say I preferred it the second time round. How hot is Lenny Kravitz!?!
  7. ah ha you read my mind!! I have an araucana boy (who loves all his ladies!) and I have three pekin bantams-so I could try hatching my own!!! that thought suddenly occured to me this morning!!
  8. Thanks for the replies, been have a looking in the internet and old chicken mags and the Wyandottes look good and heard lots of nice things about them-however I took my dog for a stroll yesterday and discovered a whole selection of newly built coops and runs in the local field-they are filled with the most fabulous selection of Bantams and I think I may have fallen in love with the black mottled ones!! next step is to find out who owns the field and chickens! I'm off to have a wander down that way later so will take the camera with me!
  9. I made this! me and ED went to the local craft centre and the lady in the vintage shop had covered lots of different things in suffolk puffs-so I thought I would give it a go!!
  10. Thought I would share my limited experience-I have a mixed little bunch-which includes pekins (3) and one silkie-the silkie was given to me by my friend as because she was being bullied (silkie not friend!) and since coming to us she has flourished-she has hatched chicks (the araucana boy took a fancy to her!) and become best buddies with one of the pekins-she certainly does not suffer becaise she is the only one of her type. I think if they are the same ages and arrive together then you wont have problems-I got a bantam faverolle and an araucana at the same time and they have gone on to be firm friends Hope this helps!
  11. Right then here's my problem (!), the two chicks which I hatched out in January have both turned out to be boys-however I have managed to rehome them both (to nice chicken loving folk), so I have decided to get a couple of blue egg layers-cream legbars are looking good so far-however OH has decided that actually chickens are such a terrible thing and is planning on rearranging the garden so they have their own area-thus meaning I can add to my bantam collection! so far i have a bantam faverolle and three pekin bantams So I was wondering if any of you peeps had any suggestions of what I should be looking at to get....been checking out my chicken mags but wanted some first hand experiences Thanks
  12. Hey folks Can anybody recomend a good place to purchase poultry. I am trying to find some cream legbars but not having much luck! Thanks
  13. Thank you, thank you clever eggy crafter! I opened my parcel and recieved...A blue knitted bag (which YD has her eye on!) an easter bag containing choccie eggs and a customised t-shirt which I will be wearing to footie training next week!! Thanks again Photos to follow but OD has 'misplaced' the camera!
  14. How about if you want to know then you maker can choose whether to send you a message?
  15. I got mine on tuesday and sent of the stuff i made on thursday! this is great!
  16. I got mine in e post on tuesday-thank you to whoever you are!! i have not opened it yet. Mine is going in the post tonight and to be honest im quite scared about it!!!!
  17. whoops sorry- i did resize the pics but then the computer froze!
  18. Boys or girls?? I know what I reckon. These are the chicks that hatched in January to the Silkie mum and the Araucana dad-boy they have grown!
  19. She has 'friends'-I have other chickens and they hang around all together-no bullying at all, she has hitched up with one of the pekin bantams and they potter around. I was worried because she is doing it to herself and not having it done to her-strange things arent they!
  20. Aah thank you-the worse thing is that shes such a lovely little thing-i popped her in a bucket of warm water to clean her off and she sat there very happily, occassionaly dozing-and she seems happy, if she was struggling them i would do the right thing
  21. Really don't know what to do about my bantam Faverolle-she's a lovely little thing, merrily chats away to anyone who will listen and is not being bullied by the others-however-she is pecking herself all the time -infact she pecks herself till she bleeds. I have bathed her, applied mite powder, sprayed her bits purple, applied wound powder but nothing seems to stop her. Really not sure what else to try-she started with under her wing, stopped that and now pecks under her leg. Thanks in advance
  22. finally it happened-one of my pekin bantams has actually laid an egg-although a bit small it is indeed a real life egg!
  23. Whoops have just remembered that I need to do this! Right ilovechickens loves...suprisingly chickens! also um..oh this is hard! right proper list.. I love..chickens, reading, the sea, the colour green, chocoolate, quilting, trying to grow veggies, football, oh darn it seems that i love everything-except celery and Watership Down (the fillm) I will be chuffed to bits with anything that is made for me!!
  24. just wondering if anyone had any advice-my araucana cockerel is a bit wobbley today-have watched him and he seems unsteady on his feet (although not to the point of falling over)-most noticeable when he bends to peck. He is eating and drinking and keeping the girls in line but not really himself. i have checked his feet theres nothing stuck on them and no worms in poo. Any ideas anyone?

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