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  1. What are people's experiences on either of these two-slimming world or Weigh"Ooops, word censored!"chers, which one (if you have used them) have you used and what was your experience? Thanks
  2. I bawled my eyes out when I read 'The Road' then I watched the film and nearly gave up on life!!! ooh lots of others..'The shadow of the wind' that really touched me-just becuase I was able to picture everything that was going on. 'The Winter Ghosts' again, had great imagery. 'Birdsong' made me cry and I love love love 'the red tent' that moved me because it was about women and how strong they really are. Ooh and 'the beach' by Neville Shute-just so sad What a wimp I am!
  3. No seriously-I wonder if that would work!!
  4. I had nutella too-but i ate it (with a spoon!)
  5. Just wondering....does anyone know if there is such a thing as a chocolate patch? I watched my Oh put on his nicorette patch this morning and it made me wonder is there such a patch for a chocoholic? giving up smoking as seemingly been trouble free for hubby-and as i have a couple of stone to lose I wondered if they did patches for poor folk like me who can't resist the chocolate stuff!
  6. One of the chicks face and the others bum! they are 5 weeks and look huge!
  7. Scary stuff!! Couple of years ago I went to the cinema to watch 'Paranormal Activity' which I don't mind admitting..scared me quite a lot-anyway the lead woman in the film spent a lot of the film rocking (whilst posessed) backwards and forwards over her husband whilst he was asleep. On returning home from the cinema I put the kids to bed and went to bed myself, fell asleep-only to be woken by my eldest daughter (who had slept walked into my bedroom) rocking over me! not quite scared enough she promptly screamed 'MUMMY' at the top of her voice and casually sleptwalked back into her own bed!!!!!!
  8. Well I can now remember all kinds of educational theories and theorists..however I am struggling to remember where I put my car keys!
  9. thanks Mum-will have a look at that-when I did my PGCE I was also awarded 60 credits at masters level-so actually I only need another 120 credits-have looked at the OU but too expensive (did my degree with them) . But hey-its lottery night tonight so you never know!
  10. Unfortunately there will be no more supply work me....the 16 month rule kicked in last year so I got a years extension-which ran out last week so unless something comes up (I live in a lovely part of the world-but is rubbish for jobs) I need a plan b.
  11. Ooh I could almost be part of the teachers thread-I qualified but cant find a full-time post so to start induction-feels like all that studying was for nowt! I'm all for studying though!
  12. I have done all the studying I can afford! Degree and PGCE, although I would love to do a Masters-currently not a viable option though hopefully one day!
  13. Nope I'm interested in what everyone is doing! Bee-keeping-sounds fascinating, something I would love to do eventually.
  14. Again...just being nosey! After reading through a few threads I noted that a few of you are studying-just wondered who was studying what and where?
  15. Ooh just scouring the net and seen some lush chicken doorstops-don't look too fancy to make-might give them a whirl!
  16. Thanks guys. An apron is a lovely idea-each material is about a metre squared-so got quite a lot of it! Emily those tutorials are fab-thanks for the link x
  17. Thats the problem-been doing that for about 6 months!!!

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