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  1. Right then folks-what should I make with these materials? Brought them agaes ago and never did anything with them-well now I'm on the case-but what the devil should I do with them?
  2. Ooh I have nearly finished my quilt type throw thing ! It's the first time I have been brave enough to attempt sewing/crafting (was rubbish at school!) Has only taken about a year! I am now back into making mode so even though I have finished the one in the picture I am already planning my next project! Don't study the carpet too hard-I have not hoovered in what seems ages!!
  3. Thanks-they are just leaving it-unless it starts to cause any pain or becomes infected-fingers crossed it won't. Getting your sweaty armpit out for some poor nurse/doctor is not the nicest thing i have ever done!!!
  4. thanks guys for all the lovely good wishes-just to let you know that it has turned out to be a harmless cyst. After lots of poking and prodding, scans and ultrasounds I am home with nothing (well nothing that important!) to worry about! Made me take a hard look at things and realise who and what truely matters!
  5. Thanks folks-just wishing today would hurry up and be over so I can get on with tomorrow!!
  6. Whew..Very happy on your outcome and hope you have a fantastic weekend x
  7. Just after a bit of reassurance i guess- found a lump in my armpit last week-whizzed of to the doc's following day and now have an appointment on Monday for a scan and check-feeling a little scared! I know I did the right thing by getting it checked out straight and away whilst half of me is telling myself it will turn out to be nothing to worry about, the other half is telling me to be prepared. My OH is insisting on taking me-and after phoning work to tell them he wont be in (and in telling them the truth of why he wont) he was met with the response from his (female) boss-'Oh I will be there too'!!
  8. Brill pics-thanks for sharing them. Trouble is..its made me chick broody!
  9. Ooh inspiring stuff- I just need to find something that I'm good at!
  10. Just being nosey here- just wondering if any of you lovely folk had taken a hobby/talent and managed to turn it into an income (big or small). I read a lot about people turning their talent into viable work options but don't actually know anyone who has done it!
  11. Wonderful timing by all involved though don't you think! So Fabio shoots his mouth off and the FA get him in for a grilling-sack him and as if by magic Redknapp is an innocent man-I presume ready to take up the post that Fabio lost!! Next thing to do is to find some players that actually want to play for the country and not the money and endorsments!
  12. I was not meant to hatch-husband is not a great chicken lover and kept saying we have enough (only 9!) but a couple of fertilised eggs just happened to roll under the broody silkie!
  13. Here you go-incase anyone wanted to have a peek-the chicks (silkie x araucana) are now three weeks old and getting big!
  14. I'm thinking poached or scrambled for breakfast, egg sandwiches for lunch and Omlette for dinner! Just had a count up and found 25 in the egg basket!! Best make a cake or two as well!! f
  15. love the piccie of the chicks in the basket!! what will they grow up to be?
  16. lol-thanks for the tips-going to brave the garden in a minute to see what he does!! Most mornings he hops out of the coop with no trouble but the last couple he has charged out, gone for me and then tried to hump every chicken in sight!!!
  17. Any ideas how to stop him-he looks lovely but he is quite a big chap!!
  18. My Araucana boy is a good chap with the ladies- he looks after them, keeps them all together, makes sure they know where the best food is etc etc..however..the last couple of mornings when I have let them out of the coop he has charged at me and pecked my feet-any ideas as to why he has taken to picking on me!?
  19. Ooh very jealous-they are very sweet looking things-would love some chickens but alas I am not allowed-promised I would stop at 5-I now have 9 and 2 chicks!!!
  20. Since getting my kindle for christmas I have gone reading crazy!! Currently reading 'Birdsong' and 'before I go to sleep'. Downloaded Peter James 'dead Simple' for 99p and thought it was fab, also found 'The woman before me' by Ruth Dugdall a little creepy. Love the fact I can carry loads of books with me at one time!!
  21. Introducing the chicks-finally managed to get a couple of decent shots of them-anyone reckon they can sex them?
  22. Aah thanks folks-The photos show a few of my collection! however the big girls, my cockerel and other bantam proved a bit shy and the chicks kept scampering away-however I will catch them on camera and then bore you all!!

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