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  1. Right here should be a few of my girlies-Ginny the Faverolle, Dandy the ginger, Honey the Silkie-with chicks who would not pose and Pekins Amelia and Skyla! [/code]
  2. When I let mine out in the mornings the first they do is run for the birdfeeder-they dash past their food/water etc and wait for the little birdies to spill some bird seed!! It's quite pathetic really! Ooh and the quails go potty for the stuff too!
  3. Exciting times..the chicks are now going a bit of a goldy colour!!
  4. am I jealous..YEs I am!! congrats on the egg-i brought an araucana last summer but she turned out to be a he! hopefully his chicks will be laying lovely coloured eggs!!
  5. as soon as I can I will upload photos of my little bunch and bore you all silly with them! However I believe I need to post a certain amount of posts before I am able to put piccies on here-think I have not even reached 20 yet!!!
  6. Hi there Duncan, they seem to be nice birds-he was/is my first experience of Araucanas and so far I am impressed! Hopefully his chicks (2 weeks old) will both be girls and both be blue eye layers! not asking for much am I!!
  7. I have four biggies, one faverolle bantam, a silkie and three pekin bantams-i obtained the biggies first followed by two pekins then the others and have not had any problems at all. They all sleep snuggled together in my converted shed there is enough room for them to spread out but they like to all cram together! They are fine with each other and basically just go around in a big feathered gang! I did however do the intros by the book-kept newbies seperate for a couple of weeks but in a run along side the others so they could all see each other and it seemed to have worked. I have discovered that the pekins are extremely hardy and more than capable of standing up for themselves!!
  8. Oh ok you guys have twisted my arm-to be honest it didnt need much twisting!!-I do really like him and he seems to be a calming influence on the 8 ladies-when I got him I thought he was a she, he also came with a little bantam faverolle and she adores him-follows him everywhere chattering away so it would be wicked of me to spilt them up! oh dear think we may just need a bigger house and garden to fuel my obsession!!
  9. still posting! the chicks are eggtremely cute and still very black-ooh wonder what they will turn out like!!
  10. Nope no squatting they just run away! and ones comb is rather red but the other is not-there is no lovely singing either. However my faverolle bantam (who is about 35 weeks) laid her first egg on sunday and my big girls have mostly laid all they way through-so not so much as a lack of eggs just me being very impatient!
  11. Thanks for that-yes I do really like him, although he has just pecked my foot-went out to put them all to bed and the little monkey went for my foot-although I did go out wearing flip flops!!
  12. Hi folks, I currently have a lovely lavender Araucana cockerel who looks after the ladies well and does not crow to loudly-however he has also just fathered two chicks with my silkie, who if girls I will keep -so thinking ahead we will be parting company with 'Buckbeak' (thats his name, my girls thought he looked like something from Harry Potter!) because of future breeding issues sometime in the future. I like the dynamic that having a man around has brought to my chicken community so will be looking for another lad-any suggestions on what type I should go for-my neighbours are ok with crowing but nothing too loud! Thanks in advance!
  13. got two Pekin Banties in august 2011, they were 12 weeks when I got them-lovely little girls who never fail to make me giggle with the way they potter around the garden like a couple of old women! However will they ever lay an egg?! They are (possibly) about 39 weeks old now and I know it is still winter but I was wondering if anyone knew at what age Pekins lay (if at all)! Thanks folks x
  14. Oh dear what a shame- the same thing happened to me-fortunately I was able to keep him. Really wanted those coloured eggs though!
  15. Oh my goodess they are gorg!! my girl is so muddy I darent put a pic of her on here!! Well done for having such beautiful silkies! x
  16. If it helps at all, my Columbian Blacktail did the same thing. she was/is an eggcellent layer but all of a sudden-nothing- like yours she did not moult ,did not broody, was not laying anywhere else- she just stopped-and then hey presto after about a month she was back to normal! Sorry could not give you an answer just wanted you know that someone else has experienced it!!
  17. They are beyond cute! I can hear them cheep as I write! Once I have worked out how to upload photos, I will pop some photos on here.
  18. Well they are here! how excited am I!! I let my Silkie sit on two eggs (and a couple of rubber ones!) and both have hatched-little fluffy balls-black with little splashes of yellow!
  19. My gold silkie is sitting on a couple of eggs-our cockerel is a lovely lavender araucana-anyone got any thoughts on what the chicks might come out like. Got a day or so to go and I'm getting a little excited!!!
  20. Back in august I brought two bantams-a faverolle bantam and an aracanua bantam-both of which were sold to me as female.....well guess what..one has remained seemingly female and a bantam! the other is a different matter altogether. Annie the aracanua is now Arthur (the very very large bantam) the cockerel!! Woke up one morning to a crowing noise and as we live in the country I thought it was someone elses noisy cockerel-no it was ours-crowing at girls!! Not quite sure what to do with him now-as I wont be getting the blue eggs I was after!! He is lovely looking but looks a bit nutty-and the other problem is the bantam faverolle (Ginny) is in love with him and follows him everywhere! Oh dear
  21. Hi guys, become an owner of quail in august and they have seemingly lived happily under our chicken coop -the chickens free range during the day and hop into the coop at night-so the quails inhabit the run under the coop-they seem to get on fine in there-however i was wondering if there was anything i should be doing for them now the weather is getting colder. The seem to like to sleep out in the open air- they do have the choice of going inside and getting warm, but they chose not to! do i need to force them inside at night or just leave them and hope they are sensible enough to go get warm if cold?

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