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  1. That's exactly what I did, bought a wood one for about two hundred and it started falling apart immediately. I could never get the corners clean and it always felt damp. The cube is definitely worth the money. Now I realise the false economy of buying cheaper.
  2. Oh my goodness, what a dream. Simply the easiest clean I have done. I've been changing straw etc twice a week but today was first thorough clean. It took a fraction of the usual time and was spotless. So glad I bought this. It will simply save hours of my time. Fab.
  3. They got their cube plus lots of lovely wood chip to scratch amongst. Then they got lovely leftover potatoes, carrots and parsnips which they adored. My other half bought them mealworm rich cookies which when I opened on Christmas morning, thought was cookies for me!! Granny brought grapes.
  4. Yes that would be much quicker. As you said it's very cold to get cement setting. It's looks great and seems very effective so far. Good luck, let us know how it goes.
  5. That all sounds very exciting. We have just put down stone chips covered by wood chips to try to reduce the mud bath. So far so good. Looks fab and is mud free. Test will be how I clean poo from it. Planning on the garden hose I think! It is so exciting. I've just put up their Christmas lights round it!!! I know, don't say it, I'm a doxy, but I want them to have some festive fun. Xx
  6. The above says it all. What a fantastic home for my ladies - and they love it! I had worried a little about the ladder as they are all exbatts, but first evening, after a day building the cube with my dad, where our five ladies offered lots of assistance!, I put them all to bed by lifting them in. Three snuggled into laying boxes and two immediately attempted to trot back out down the stairs. One staggered down them, the other did they equivalent of "sliding down the bannister". Next night I thought I'd leave them and see what happened, when I went out at dusk, all five were up the ladder and tucked in! They had spent the whole day jumping up and off the ladder, obviously practicing. It just looks superb and they obviously love it. One lady who hasn't laid for two weeks produced an egg the second morning. I am very impressed with the quality of it. Building it was hysterical. My dad had his shoe laces undone three times! Every new piece of it we brought out had five sets of beady eyes inspect it before being added to the build. and it just looks superb in the garden. Even our neighbour who has hens but is very precious about never having a plastic hen house went away trying to decide if hers would be green or red. What a good investment I say.
  7. Thanks for that. Good to know there seem to be no adverse effects.
  8. Yes, just curious as I'm replacing my wooden one because it's draughty, so don't want another draughty one. Although I do realise the need for good air circulation too.
  9. Hi guys, I've just managed to get my wonderful new omlet built today. I have a question. When I look into it through the front door I can see right through it due to a gap at the roosting bar level. This is an integral part that came prebuilt so I can't have done it wrong. Will this not cause a draughts directly on to where they are roosting? Or is this for ventilation. Looks about four to five ml wide.
  10. its great to hear how its going. My cube arrives today but planning to build and have it swapped over next saturday so that I will be there at bed time to make sure they go safely to bed. I'm anticipating a bit of difficulty with the ladder but hopefully will go smoothly.
  11. Think I might do the wood chip thing. It's worth a try.
  12. Their run is covered but I've extended a large corner of the garden for them which used to be grasses over so is now bare earth. I couldn't dig all that away as it's too large but I could cover with gravel then wood chip. How do you clean the poo out. At present I'm s"Ooops, word censored!"ed the ground but obviously can't do that with chips and wood?
  13. I'm floating in a hen pen of mud. Any suggestions. I used bark all summer but ended up with a rotting sludge mess which became very smelly. We have had so much rain here it's just mud everywhere where there isn't grass, obviously the hen enclosure part. They free range most of the day but I have to access their pen obviously. I know someone suggested wood chips but won't that just rot too?

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