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  1. When I was small I used to want to be a cancan girl when I grew up. Love that video
  2. We had a lovely Cowboy Casserole last night - chucked everything in before breakfast, left it on low and tucked in last night. I LOVE my slow cooker BTW the recipe is browned sausages, 2 cans of mixed beans, 2cans chopped tomatoes, chopped carrots, 1 chopped onion, 1 tbsp tomato purée, 1 tbsp Dijon mustard, 1 tsp sugar. Was lovely
  3. I can't be if any help, but didn't want to read and run. If she's attempting to eat and drink then maybe that's a good sign?Maybe to the vets tomorrow if she still isn't able to stand. Hope you manage to find out what's wrong.
  4. Ooh, all those cottages look fab! Now that Merry is a little older I'm venturing off to Cornwall for a week with her http://www.stylishcornishcottages.co.uk/snugglers-den/4573540649 here in early May, possibly with OH if he's free or on my own if not. It'll be fine either way, because it's next door to my mums house Just got back this weekend from a couple of weeks in Sri Lanka....beautiful beautiful country, still almost completely untouristified, well worth a visit especially in the next few years before the real development starts. Hope everyone has a fabulous time, it's great booking holidays isn't it? Something lovely to look forward to
  5. Sorry to hear this. It sounds like at least it was quick and he didn't suffer xx
  6. Oh my goodness. Snoring dog on the sofa next to me, and I'm definitely leaking around the eyes a bit. After each of my pets has died I've always written them a letter and kept it....glad it's not just me! This one is beautiful and poignant and funny and so heartfelt.
  7. Ditto (re OH being overweight, a heavy snorer and stopping breathing at night)...but afte six years of nagging/gentle persuasion he finally went to the go and has just been referred to a sleep clinic. His first appointment isn't till march but it will be interesting to find out if he actually has it. I hope everything works out with the machine etc, keep us posted?
  8. My cat cleared quite a few gardens of their rat problems after we moved house, but he is the exception to the rule I think (he also killed a stoat in an epic battle in our hall once ) - none of my other cats have ever gone anywhere near a rat. Mice and voles, yes! Rats....they're all 'nooooooooo' Pest control is probably your best option?
  9. There are also lots of lovely colours My girls by Faith Al-Egaily, on Flickr L to R Hermione, Constance and Augusta
  10. My flock consists of three LF orpingtons..no idea how they interact with other types because they're my first lot But I can say that they are very tame, very placid and friendly chickens. I had two for a year and then introduced hermione, my third, to them. I did it quite carefully but there was pretty minimal aggression from Augusta and Constance..just a bit of chasing and the odd peck. From what other people say, that's a walk in the park re. Introductions The reason I picked orpingtons is because they were described as 'the hippies of the hen world' in something I read....and they were right
  11. I used to get it from flyte so fancy, then tried a local tree surgeon who delivered a ton of it...but I had a massive mite infestation directly after, so they must have been in the woodchip! Just unlucky probably, but I'll be going back to flyte so fancy for the next lot
  12. Yeeees... I'm getting a bit fed up of the Lady Di Eyes and wobbly bottom lip
  13. I love my cat he just doesn't care, he still steals her bed now, even though she's twice that size now!
  14. Thanks everyone ...maybe it's a time-of-life thing, getting a dog later on in life Anyway, I love her to bits

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