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  1. You see, thats what I thought at first, but its been this way on Daisy for about 2 months now, and its constant just-through quills. The skin underneath looks a bit bruised as well and its only on those two small sides, no where else. Also no sign of feathers anywhere... And only on those that *are* laying. Plus they are only about 22 weeks old so shouln't be moulting... Uma x
  2. Hi there, Very odd, but wanted to see if anyone else had expereinced this. I have four ducks and currently three are laying. A while ago, just after we started getting one egg a day I noticed that Daisy had some feathers missing on either side of her chest, about halfway down. I figured one of the others was plucking them out, although I never saw any evidence of this. Kept an eye on it but didn't worry too much. However, due to her being white, I noticed yesterday after she had bathed that it was very red underneath so picked her up ( ) and had a look. Her quills are growing back through but with a little blood and redness and its equal on both sides. I then looked over clover who had the same thing, as does Jasmine. These are the three I believe to be laying-so what on earth is causing it? Juniper doesn't have any evidence of this at all and I don't thinks she has come into lay yet. Otherwise all are fine and well, Jasmine sometimes asserts herself by trying to sit ontop the others but that is rare. The sleep and lay in a cube so have loads of space...I just can't figure it out... Any suggestions? Uma x
  3. I am so sorry for your traumatic loss. Uma x
  4. Thanks all. I am getting there, still in shock a bit I think. We rehomed the two remaining girls yesterday as they were both so traumatised. One had started seriousely feather eating which she had never done before. They seem happy in their new home and I can visit. So no more chickens here.... Very very sad, its been an emotional journey owning my girls. Still have the ducks though who now have an eglu cube to live in. Thank you for all the support...now off to check that weasel trap! Uma x
  5. I am at the moment intending on keeping the ducks. We have ordered weasel traps and will try to catch it and re release it about 10 miles away from here. To be honest the rehoming of the chickens isn't just to do with safety, to be left with a young one and an old one just isn't fair on them. Its tearing my heart out, but this is the best thing for *them* and I need to put my own feelings aside to be able to do what is right for them, not me. So yes, will be trying to proof the stable, but with the design of it its not so easy.... Uma x
  6. Thank you both I, personally, wouldn't pts a hen who wasn't on deaths door, I have brought this particular hen back from the brink about 4 times now and am happy she is so well and living out her retirement. I have found a place (the place I first got my hybrids from 4 years ago) who are happy to take them both and continue with Ash's 6 weekly injections. I am going to give them the eglu with them until they are settled and more familiar with the other housing. It is on an animal park with lots of other hens, ducks etc. but my two will be kept in the owners own garden and introduced really slowely. I'll also still be able to visit them whenever I like. I am relieved that they are going to be ok, but heartbroken about it all. I loved my girls so very much
  7. Most of you will have read my other post about not only loosing one of my beautiful girls who was put to sleep yesterday afternoon, but then lost another to a Weasel attack last night I now have two chickens left, and four ducks. My two chickies, one is an old hybrid, on 6 weekly injections to stop her laying as she get peritonitis badly and would be dead without the injections. The other, is an orpington, Poppy. They are both terrified right now, I have put them out free ranging as their run is not safe. I figure they will be safer out in the open than trapped in their run right now. So problems-I am not replacing the chickens, its completely torn me apart and I can't do it again. Poppy and Ash don't really get on and I know that the kindest thing for them (to keep them safe and well) is to rehome them. But...who is going to take on a hen who doesn't lay and needs regular injections? I am happy to keep paying for them but am struggling to find any sanctuaries etc. in Scotland who would take them. And then the ducks...my beautiful ducks. They sleep in an eglu in the stable at night but I have looked and a weasel could easily get through the gap under the stable door, and potentially into the eglu. I don't know if I can keep them knowing a weasel could get them at anytime, I don't know if thats fair... We are going to try and trap it but I don't know how successful we will be... What would you do???
  8. So my beautiful Lily was pts this afternoon as she had re-developed her neurological condition... And 30 mins ago I heard squacking from the chicken run, I ran out and a stoat has killed Rosie one of my other orpingtons. I have shut the remaining two in the cube but I have no idea what I'm going to do. The ducks are shut in now too, but how the hell do I protect the rest now??? I am unbelievably upset.
  9. We had our first egg yesterday from our lovely ducks And another one in there this morning. Clever things. Am very excited..!! Uma x
  10. Thank you! I never ever thought there could be so many things that can go wrong with chooks... And mine are kept like Queens...Massive walk in run, free ranging every day, mucked out every few days, expensive feed (they won't eat anything else...I have tried). And yet we have experience, Bronchitus, Sour crop, more peritonitis than I care to remember, odd neurological issue, and now this! My ducks are much much easier!! But I do love my girls. She is currently wolfing down some spinach Uma x
  11. Oh my...heartache! Lily my beautiful splash Orpington (yes the one that had suspected Newcastles disease last month...and recovered...!) has done it again. I went out to go swimming with my son and found her lying with her neck and head trapped under our wooden stable door. Her leg was slightly twitching but there was no movement of breathing or in her face. I thought she was dead, in fact I am convinced she was dead. Then. Her beak moved slightly. I couldn't get her neck out as it was jammed through, moving the door at all would have taken her head clean off. So I had to dig her out. Her neck just flopped and I though she was gone. Then. She stood up! Walked a few steps and boked at me! She changed from being purple/blue to red again. I took her straight to the vets as she was bleeding a lot from her neck. When he moved her head forward to see the wound, oh my! I could see her bone, from her head down to her shoulders He kept her in over lunch time to 'try' and stitch her up. He managed. She is now home, downstairs eating an egg and some corn. Although the wound still looks like the most hideaous thing I have ever seen. Thoughts appreciated! I swear I am *never* going to get chickens again. I adore them but the heartache, problems and cost is immense. I have spent £100s on these girls, as something always seems to be wrong with them. One is on ongoing medication to stop her laying so she can live without dying from peritonitis. Argh!! Uma x
  12. *Update* Wow, well two days ago I had one of the worst 5 hours of my life.... I phoned my vet again, the older of the two who I usually use, but he hadn't seen Lily as he wasn't on call at the weekend. He said it really sounded like Newcastles to him and that he would phone the Ministery of Agriculture to check if it was notifiable. (I knew it was but waited anyway). He then called back, appologied and said they would be in touch with me. The called and said they would be sending someone out that evening to see her and the rest. It was a 3.5 hour trip. I was distraught as I knew that if she did have it, and the others tested positive that all my girls, including the ducks would be culled, most awful few hours ever.... So she came and looked at her, by this point Lily had stopped doing the neck twisting/rubbing and although still not herself was looking ok. We were very honest with the vet about what her symtoms were but she (thank goodness!!) felt it wasn't Newcastles and never even tested her! She woke up the other girls and ducks to see them too, but felt all was well. She left about 9pm. Relief doesn't even cover it! And now, well currently Lily is out with the other rampaging through the garden! I've kept up the baytril and am giving her wormer too. She is moulting but you wouldn't know that three days ago I was phoning for an appointment to put her to sleep! I still have no idea what it was, neither did either vet. Could have been infection in the brain, or ears. Seems to be infection of somesort as it has responded to the Baytril.... So....thats been what we've been up to..... And breathe! Uma x
  13. I am so very sorry for your loss In case anyone else reads this post for information, I have had success with hermonal injections in one of my hens who kept having peritonitis (3 plus times). She gets the injection every 6 week and started them 7 months ago. She is completely well, spritely and happy. She doesn't lay (obviousely) but it so happy and it has extended her life by a lot. I lost my other two hybrids to complecations due to peritonitis and its a horrible thing, but for some hens there is hope. Uma x
  14. Well she is still here. Much brighter this morning although when I checked on her last night she was head rubbing again. But she hasn't done it this am yet that I have witnessed. She even walked out of the box and is happily eating food. Her tail seems higher this am too and she is passing poo no problem. I have given her some wormer in some water down her throat just in case it is gape worm and she is trying to clear them. Will just have to wait and see how today goes. Thank you all for the support. I have though also about Newcastles disease, but due to the fact that once her neck was forward she seemed totally normal myself and the vet were not convinced. Also the fact she is improving, I would expect her to get worse if it was ND. She is coming into moult and I wonder if its a number of factors, but I'll wait and see how she goes today with lots more TLC. I tell you I don't know if I will replace my girls once they have gone, as I find it all so heartbreaking (not to mention very expensive!) the ducks seem to have less wrong with them....
  15. Well we went to the vet, but before that she started fitting almost. She is putting her neck right back onto her back and moving it side to side whilst rolling her eyes. If you put her neck forward again she seemed completely ok-bright and eating corn and a boiled egg. But then her neck would roll round again and it would all start again. Vet wasn't sure what it was. So we started on antibiotics incase of ear infection/other infection. He also gave her doses of nutrients in case it was a nutrient deficiency affecting her. After she came home she seemed a little brighter but I was still having to move her neck forwards to stop her doing it. She then started gaping and seeming to have issues breathing. I sat with her on my knee thinking she would pass but she never. I then left her whilst cleaning the rest out, and now she seems much brighter! Given her another dose of antibiotics and water and herban. She is still gaping but not to breathe and seems to be doing the head rolling much less. Part of me wonders gapeworm, but they were wormed over 7 days last week whilst we were away! I am so confused as to what is going on, but waiting to see how she is later.

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