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  1. Hi All, Our next rehoming day will be on Sun the 25th of May. 300 ex free rangers hens all wanting homes. Please contact the BHWT to reserve hens. 01884 860084 or by emailing info@bhwt.org.uk
  2. Hi All, Our next rehoming day will be on Sat the 10th of May. Ex colony hens all wanting homes. Please contact the BHWT to reserve hens. 01884 860084 or by emailing info@bhwt.org.uk
  3. I also have an over groomer due to stress - our cats don't get on. The only thing that seems to work for Archie is Ovarid from the vet. However i haven't tries pet remedy so gonna order some.
  4. Yes please contact the BHWT and let them know. They will want to log this. This is very rare and please don't let this put you off. All chickens wether posh or ex-batt will establish a pecking order and in the case that blood is drawn they should be removed immediately and treated to stop the bleeding and then either put back or kept separated to give the wound a bit of time to heal/harden. Purple or Terramycin spray is good as it seems to be the red colour of the blood they are attracted too. Chooks are gross sometimes but they are also great pets!
  5. Any bleeding seems to be an attractant. I will always separate any with wounds until they have healed and Terramycin spray is great. Not ever had this type of experience though. Sounds terrible.
  6. So true! I kept my newest ex-batts separate for a good few weeks before introducing them to Bernie the Bantam! She chases newbies round and round!
  7. I have one bantam with two ex batts and one pure bred and the bantam is top chook and can be very nasty to the smaller one of the ex batts. I think because she is smaller she feels she has to keep the others in check.
  8. You will defo have more hens disease. When i drop mine off for the hen hotel i have to not look! The alpacas they have are also beautiful. I just wish I had an acre or two! Good luck choosing. My next batch from them will include defiantly another Marans and possible either another Plymouth rock or faverolles.
  9. Hi All, The BHWT Monmouth Team need new members to help with transport urgently. We need either people capable of towing a stock trailer or with access to a horse box/trailer etc. Any ideas on how to advertise this are very welcome. If you are interested please contact hen central Phone 01884 860084 Email info@bhwt.org.uk Thanks
  10. Hello, Yes I have lots of experience with them and they are excellent! I have had both Marans and Plymouth Rocks from they and they are lovely birds. I also use their hen hotel all the time and Peter and Glenda are amazing. Great for advice also. I would highly recommend their services and chickens. This is my Black Plymouth Rock from them. Big Flo - she is such a funny girl.
  11. I use a hen hotel all the time when we go away for more than 2 nights. Its excellent and means I don't worry at all. They are so well looked after and the car trips don't stress them at all. You chooks will like the holiday!
  12. That is very good going bless her. It has help her live so long the fact that she isn't laying. Its less strain on her body. She is beautiful. I have never had one live past 2.5 years free but I know someone who has one that is also 6 years free this year!
  13. This case has been updated on Facebook - very sad news.
  14. Wow great post! They are looking fantastic! What a great house they have too. Lucky girls. It is so fab to get them looking and behaving like normal chooks and the year pledge is a lovely idea.
  15. The electric fence idea is amazing! I think everyone has muddy runs at the moment! As you say mine is also covered but the driving wind and rain has made it bad. Chooks are fine though and love a dig in the mud. It seems to have attracted lots of worms which they love!! She must be crazy! I have also lost faith in the RSPCA - having called them on several occasions and they have done nothing. One occasion there was a group of horses which were close to starvation and one foal was looking very bad. Called them and they said they were 'aware' of the situation. We provided some hay but several days later nothing had happened so I called World Horse Welfare who removed the horses and said when the vet took a look at the mother of the foal she was hours away from collapsing. I doubt they will even make an appearance so don't worry.
  16. So pleased she is feeling better I had a Silvia
  17. OMG i'm crying at my desk - what lovely words
  18. She has reached a good age so just make sure she keeps on eating and drinking and the others don't bully her. You coa put tonics in the water to help. If she has stopped laying she will eat less anyway.
  19. Hi All, Next Monmouth re-homing day is the 8th of Feb. Call the BHWT to reserve some lucky hens
  20. French Marans lay beautiful dark terracotta eggs and are friendly for posh birds
  21. That is a lovely video! The kitten is defo the boss but they are both very gentle
  22. Often cats are happiest as a single house cat. Adding another cat not from the same litter can cause problems that never go away. Cat behaviour is a complex subject and family groups are just as complex. I'm sure she will be very happy as part of your family on her own. I have two that don't get on at all causing one to have behavioural problems (over grooming and urine marking) and they would be happier as single cats. They tend to ignore each other all day and sleep in the house or go out for short times separately, then when we get home they have cuddles in the evening. I have to make a fuss of one and my DH fusses the other
  23. So glad it went well! The rescue days are a strain physically and mentally but so worth it!

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