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  1. Thanks.... We got two Miss Pepperpots and two Ginger Rangers . We also have two rabbits as well...
  2. So, our girls arrived on Wednesday (Taluhla, Miss Moneypenny, Matilda and Scarlet) and two days later we had our first egg We will be scrambling it tomorrow morning and are very excited about being new chicken keepers Thanks for all the help and advice so far.
  3. Well, we start on Tuesday next week with the arrival of our 4 girls...we have three names already and are ging to name the fourth whwen it gets here. We purchased the ch103 a coop and run at a decent price from: http://www.henhouseworld.co.uk/ch103.htm Now all we have to organise is feeds etc...any hints on what is a must have item? Thanks for all the eggcouragement Andrew, Claire & Nessa.
  4. Ohh, thanks. I'm sure we will make use of all the advice on offer. We are really excited...we have a 7 month old daughter and want to introduce her more to the natural world. Our two bunnies are just not enough
  5. We have just ordered our first ever chicken coop and 4 chickens (2 gingernuts and 2 miss pepperpots). Looking forward to the whole thing

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