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  1. Despite having my girls for some time now, I do still smile inside whenever I get an egg. I'm especially pleased at the moment as Tara and Cathy my ex-batts have gone into lay as I thought that they had decided to go into retirement. Still awaiting the laying of blue eggs from my Columbines. Now that will be worth a bit of a boogie
  2. Just wondered if anyone had been watching this year. I still remain a fan but I do wish the had kept it to a Saturday.
  3. Just watched t he Christmas day one. Wasn't that bad and they did have some of the 2010 class.
  4. As you may be aware I got my 3 girls from here in August. I've been trying to contact them again to get a further three, but despite leaving voicemail messages and e-mails, no reply. Just wondered if anyone els had this problem Ta muchly
  5. Stacey was the only one who said what she thought to Gillian which was commendable too. The others may have thought it but at least Stacey had the gumption to say it. .
  6. That was soooo not good TV viewing
  7. I sometimes wonder if hunger and boredom plays a part how some of them behave or perhaps they are just genuinely grumpy
  8. Would be a shame to lose someone good this week. Blimey Craig was definately grumpier than usual and didn't it just show in his scoring

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