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  1. Well she's dead. She was not egg bound and I could not see any reason for her decline. I'm really sad. I took her little body up the hill and gave her to the red kites. Feeding time is not the same without her. Its all very well being so angree with me but I did ask for advice on here when she first got sick and non of you offered any. The hard fact of my life is that there simply isn't the funds for vet trips for chickens thats why I asked for advice on here because I was so fond of this bird I didnt just kill her straight away. so thanks for your support.
  2. She is a young hen she has only been laying for about 6 weeks. I think i will kill her tomorrow. I keep telling myself not to have favorites as they are always the ones to die. But she is/was such a fun bird. Always came running over to talk to me rather than feed. Sat on my shoulder as I walked round the pen. Shes BJ's favorite as well. I'm very sad.
  3. my favorite hen is ill. She has been unwell for a week. Her sister was egg bound a few months ago and I have a suspision its what is wrong with Stripes. She has stopped eating now and is not steady on her feet. What I am worried about is that she is in pain. If this is fatal and she is in pain I should kill her. Anyone got any ideas? I will try anything.
  4. Wow your chicks are about to get 5 star accomadation!! My brooder is an old cold water tank. My chicks where born 10th Dec and were under heat in the house for 3 weeks then off heat in the house. "I have just put them in the barn 5 days ago and put the heat back yeaterday because of the cold. The first 3 weeks are important to keep warm and even temp which may be difficult in the garage at this time of year, Chicks do better in the long run if not kept too warm after this so then the garage should be fine. good luck and I look forward to seeing the photos
  5. I,ve had my 1st turkey egg and a new white egg from one of the sumatra hens but don't know which. Its a buzz isn't it?
  6. Oh thank you for this! You have described it so well I can feel the cold! I am still chuckling as I write this. I think oh did well to rescue you only after 55 mins! Hot toddy for you I think.
  7. Hi Madchook, The best place to get advice re turkeys is the Turkey Club its not ileagal to kill your own turkey for your own consumption without stunning. I did so today. It is ileagal to kill for other peoples consumption without stunning and a licence. The trouble is that the stunning units are very expencive. I think the licence is only £40 you get it from defra. I personally hate killing turkeys without stunning and I would much prefir ask the friendly turkey farmer. They are big birds and not stupid (although they are good at acting stupid!). Stunning is safer for you too as there is n
  8. My favorite hen is not well. She is all hunched and depressed. She is eating drinking and deficating but not happy. One of her hatching mates (full sister) was egg bound a few months ago so very worried. She was hand raised by my daughter, did time in the pram and is so tame. She is in a crate in the play room at the moment. Any sugestions for a tonic? One of my rescued hybrids had a sore eye all week but today it opened again. I had my first egg of the year yesterday from a new turkey.There were bits of shell bobbled on it. She is very pleased with herself. I had to kill one
  9. Bluebells come out much later in the year so you wont see anything yet. They need to be shaded from the summer sun so along a hedge should be ok. Mine come up before the bracken then the bracken shelters them. They some times take a few years to flower. Hope this helps
  10. Your poor little girl. Mine would be beside herself. Will you be able to clam for the Eglu on your house insurance? My commiserations.
  11. One of our quail is crouching and hiding more that usual. She did not rush over for food tonight. BJ let her go 2 days ago and she flew/ran round the room. We were also an egg down today. any suggestions?
  12. I keep Araucarna they hate being cooped up, mine go mad in a large run when I'm isolating for breeding. Fab birds but I would definitely omit them from a run. The cream legbar will lay coloured eggs any way. Marrans are lazy birds so they should happily go in the run. I also would be worried about security at the allotment. My hose connection got stolen at mine. I carry a few hens to my kitchen garden when I will be there all day could you do something similar? Good luck with it all.
  13. Are you still struggling Emma? I am horrified you have not gone to A&E gall stones are agony and the dark urine means that you are dehydrated. If you are alone in the house all w/e I think you could be putting yourself at risk. Surely your neighbours would deal with the chooks. Please ring the out of hours doc they will come to see you. Let us know how you are getting on. Worrying about you.
  14. I agree with dogmother check with the doc if it persists. Have you thought of yoga - either a class or wii - and/or swimming? Far less stress on the body but both great for fitness and weight. I so relate fo feeling 110 years old. I would like to join - i need to find my stomach musscles. I know they are there, I could not find them at all last year but I have been working really hard and now if I suck in my stomach it moves! I want some mucle definiton by next christmas. I go to a weekly yoga class, swim, one session of the hated gym i will do it - but I will need help.
  15. He is clearly a highly motivated and determined young man. This after the rugby disappointment and all his work and pain what a cruel blow. Its never a good time to have your career snatched from you but he sounds like it won't hold him back for long. He is very fortunate to have such a supportive mother. I'm trying to imagine how it must feel for you. Anger, disappointment and guilty relief. What ever he decides to do now I bet he'll be great at it. Good Luck to you both.

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