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  1. Poorly! Gallbladder **Am home

    We will all be thinking of you, I hope the scan comes through quickly. My husband had problems with his gall bladder before finally getting it removed, so I saw how painful it can be. Take care.
  2. Spring already?!

    Its been such a mild winter so far! (fingers crossed, I heard its getting colder next week), but I have already seen so many shoots coming through the earth and my daffodils dont realise how early they are! Lets hope it continues, after last year I have had quite enough of snow and ice.
  3. **Thread of little facts & things**

    I just saw this thread its nice. Yesterday there was a huge wind (we live in a Valley, so you can really feel it9 this morning we woke up to find the maple tree had fallen into the power lines, so it looks like we will be without power for the next 2-3 days, dont know what I am going to do with myself when I dont have the internet to browse!
  4. you know you're a crazy chicken lady/guy when....

    These are great! When your weekly shopping list is equally divided between food for your family and food for the chickens.
  5. Christmas food horror stories

    I alwys find christmas cooking stressful, because there has to be so much going on at the same time. One thing goes in the oven, another goes in 3.5 minutes later etc, and christmas day being so busy with the family round and the children opening presents there is normally one food item in our house that is forgotten (either uncooked or burning away in the oven)!
  6. What have you cooked today?

    cooked this last night with mushrooms from the garden http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/risotto/grilled-mushroom-risotto
  7. Looks great I am so jealous! Are they loving it? What do they use/like to sit most of all? And please tell us where you got it all from (unless I have missed it on the forum, sorry if so )
  8. Putting Guinea on a diet

    Thats great, and I didnt know that about the hay, so it is very helpful!I have used Burgess excel with my guinea pigs, but I think the results were mixed 8it was a while ago, so I am not exactly sure. But please let me/us know how successful it is!
  9. Meet Sherlock + Alexander!...

    That is tooo cute, I had a rabbit when I was very little and this poto has made me want to get another one again!

    Hello everybody! Nice ot meet you all, I am Mary. I live with my 2 (almost) grown up sons and keep 3 chickens, who think they are just as much a member of the family!