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  1. AshleyO, hopefully we'll find some Eglus here soon. Which model are you hoping for? I hope to find a cube. I check eBay and Craig's list every day... Keep me posted if you see any pop up here in the states.
  2. Hello all! Thanks for the great responses. I'd gladly pay shipping on a used Eglu if I could find one in CA. Building a fence and popping an Eglu Go or Classic would probably work well, but I'd like at least six hens. I will probably just break down and spend the money on a new Cube....I'm putting my son through college by myself, so right now most of my money is earmarked for a university. Should I be getting my chicks now? How long before they lay? I'm really hoping they're tame enough for my five year old granddaughter to handle, that's why I want chicks. The 'cat in the dryer' story is a sad one. I rescued the cat as a kitten after some idiot threw it from a speeding car. My son nursed it back to health after some hefty vet bills.... One night when I was drying a big down comforter, the cat must have crawled into the dryer once when the door had come open. Several times during the day the door had popped open and I had to shut it. I didn't notice any different noise, as I had put a pair of tennis shoes in to fluff the down. When I finally realized what had happened, it was too late.....and a horrible mess. My laundry room is in a separate part of my house, so I was oblivious to the SMELL as well. Poor cat. I cried for hours. My neighbor volunteered to take the now bloody comforter to the laundromat, where the owners thought some crime had taken place from the mess on the comforter! I will NEVER forget that happening, and am ever vigilant about my other cat getting near the dryer. Hope everyone is enjoying January. My temps are about 4F right now. Brrrrr!
  3. Wow! Sorry to hear that. I had two ferrets for seven years, and they never ate any chickens. However, I did have a dreadful experience two years ago with a cat in my clothes dryer. It was horrible..... Hopefully, this will be a great year for you and you can replace your hens AND get your roof fixed! Do you like the new house otherwise? My boyfriend will likely just build a coop, but I would really love an Eglu. It just seems like it would be so much easier to keep it clean. We are also hoping to add bees to our yard this year. From what I'm reading, there are many more families in the UK keeping urban chickens and bees than here. I appreciate you answering my posts!
  4. Hello Freddie! Happy new year to you as well. Our weather has been like autumn until two days ago. Now we have six inches of snow and temps below freezing. Are you an Eglu owner? If so, which one? Have you ever heard of anyone in UK shipping an Eglu over here? I am a frequent eBayer, and was hoping I'd just find one there. Are there any other good forums or communities that you partipate in re: chickens? I'm also planning to start beekeeping in the spring. Should be an interesting summer, to say the least! What kind of weather are you currently enjoying?
  5. Hello, I am new here to the forum. Always had chickens as a girl and would now like to get back into it. I live in a town that is anti-chickens, but am not daunted... I am desperately seeking a used Eglu Cube to put in my yard for about six hens. I find several for sale in the UK, but no luck here. I'm also considering the Omlet Beehaus....figuring why not make ALL the neighbors upset! If anyone would be kind enough to share some tips, I would greatly appreciate it! I am in central Michigan.
  6. Hello! I am new here and am eagerly anticipating my first hens! I have been searching high and low for an Eglu Cube or even Classic. There just don't seem to be any used ones in my area. The cost of new is pretty prohibitive for me right now... Does anyone know of any web sites that may have a lead for me? I've been searching EBay and Craig's List with no luck. I live in mid Michigan. Thanks!

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