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  1. Thanks you both for the advice. She's a very gentle hen so may put them together at night and see how they get on.
  2. Hi I lost one of my girls this morning so I am left with just one. I am getting 3 more girls on Saturday. I'm a little confused as to how to introduce, I'm familiar with the normal introducing process but don't want to keep the 3 new girls together for a couple of weeks then introduce my remaining one girl as this will be like a lamb to slaughter. Am I best just to put them all to bed together and hope they get on in the morning?
  3. I'm not sure if she is egg bound, I've had a feel but can't seem to find anything abnormal. She seems a little bigger all over. Her poo's are watery and White. She laid a softie on sunday and hasn't been right since. A trip to the vets tomorrow I think!
  4. Well after getting home from work I've had a feel and can't feel anything. Felt round her belly but seems normal nothing egg shaped or hard. I gave her some yogurt and ten minutes later she did a watery White poo I'm thinking that's because of the yogurt? If she was egg bound would she be able to poo?
  5. Will olive oil down the throat help with being egg bound?
  6. I have tried to give them mixed grit but they won't touch it. I might try mixing it with their food. I think il have to take her to the vet. I don't get home from work until 6 so Im hoping by some miracle she's laid something whilst I've been at work! Thanks
  7. Hi tweedy, She's only 7 months old and has been laying really well. She is eating but only small amounts of treats, I don't think she has eaten any layers pellets. As she laid the softie on Sunday is she likely to be egg bound? When I get home I'm going to have a feel around. What do I need to look for? If I can feel anything egg like will oil down her throat help? Thanks
  8. Hi I was hoping someone could give me some advice. One of my girls does not seem well. She laid a softie on Sunday after a couple of hours of seeming unwell. Yesterday she had the same same symptoms but no egg. She won't come out of the cube today. I don't think she's egg bound as she laid the softie on Sunday. There also seems to be a little bit of egg whites in her pop, she's also drinking loads. They were worked in June so it can't be worms. Any advice? Thanks
  9. I'm going to add 2 new girls to my 2 existing girls. I have a buff Sussex and a brahma, would adding an Orpington and a Wyandotte be ok as they are similar size? I have a cube with a 3 metre run, will that be big enough? Thanks
  10. Thank you, I do feel a bit better about it today knowing she's not suffering anymore. X
  11. Had to have my lovely and very much loved miss pepperpot Moo pts yesterday. Been unwell for a while and couldn't let her suffer any longer as the vet said she had growths on her ovaries. Lost my other girl in January and she hadn't been the same as it was just those two, I think she was heartbroken. At least she can meet Lilly again up in chicken heaven! Xx
  12. Thanks for all the advice and words of reassurance. I know it was the best thing for her but she was the last of my origanal girls but now she can go and meet the other one again, god I must sound mental lol!
  13. Thank you for everyones kind words. Still distraught and not looking forward to seeing the other 2 girls looking for her but il give them a nice treat, I'm sure they will think it's great. Do you think chickens notice that one girl has gone forever. Seem to think they will miss her as they wouldn't go to bed without each other.
  14. Sad update Mum took her to the vets and they sent her to chicken heaven. She had big growths round her ovaries, they were draining her. Very upset but it's best for her. X
  15. Sad update Mum took her to the vets and they sent her to chicken heaven. She had big growths round her ovaries, they were draining her. Very upset but it's best for her. X

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