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  1. Hi, didn't want to read & run! What a battle you've had! Sounds like you've made some headway. Can Redfords not giive you further advice? What about treating the ground/environment........has anyone giiven you some advice on this? Hopefully somebody with first hand experience will be along Best wishes for your girls.
  2. Have you check for mites? I believe there is a depluming mite?? Doesn't sound like a moult I guess keep an eye out as you are and check for new feather quills.
  3. Alis girls. Do check the strength of the vit D. I get the highest from holland & barret (usually on 3for2) It will also help your uptake of calcium
  4. Hi Denise , thanks for asking. Well, if you look through all my recent posts you'll be able to catch up and there's even pics!!! But been having another wobble this week and am currently treating the 7 with coxoid again as they seemed poorly and I've been paranoid since I lost a boy chick at 5 weeks and still not had the results back from his autopsy! How about you???? What of your hatches???? How many girls and boys and what colours???? Did you get to keep any???
  5. Hi and welcome Sometimes chicken keeping has a few snags, just like most things in life really But hopefully things are settled for you now I can't say I've experienced this with my eggs, but 2 obvious things that you could do easily are:- 1, worm your hens with flubenvet. You can either buy the pwder & mix it with your own pellets or buy ready mixed pellets. 2, as you suggest yourself limit the free ranging, say to late afternoon & maybe just for a couple of hours. When you worm them they must be shut in their run for the whole week, worming pellets only! After doing these 2 things see what your eggs are like. Somebody else may have other suggestions for you too. There's always help here I only keep bantams and their eggs are smaller with less white......Let us know if you do try anything and if it makes a difference
  6. Hi Chickabee You have my sympathy My cocker spaniel will also chow down chicken food Sorry no ideas on a dog proof feeder though! I just don't let her in to the chickens area, which is fenced off with a gate But occasionally it doesn't latch and she gets on or hubby forgets to close the gate after helping with the chickens
  7. It sounds like your doing all you can I feel your pain......I have pekins need say no more At my highest in numbers I thought about having broody towers But down to 2 girls, of which one never goes full on broody But have hatched and have some lovely little growers........may need broody towers in the future One thing I would recommend is if you let a girlie out and she goes straight up to the nest, pop her straight back in the anti-broody for another 24 hours, then try again
  8. look on the bright side, at least you had it to hand Broody hens
  9. Mar1a, I have had my pekins in the anti-broody coop with a cover over them, either because it's a very cold night or the bright early mornings will make the hen noisy early I just use a light weight dark coloured cover, the air still circulates under the anti-broody coop. Obviously remove the cover as early as you can also putting on as late as you can (mine are only at the end of the garden ) The thing with leaving a broody is she will upset the laying hens and also run her condition down, laying her open to illness or mites. If you had the ability to boot her out and collect the eggs and then close off the nest box daily (once all who lay have ) you could do this but it may not be practical for your set up and it would still possibly take a few weeks. I guess see how she goes?
  10. Hi there Mars I think it can vary from hen to hen But I've had 3 hatches all with pekins and each of them has left on the 6 week anniversary Just keep an eye on your hen, she will let you know when she's done with her mummy duties What did you hatch? Are they from your own eggs? I had a high rate of boys this hatch 6 boys and 2 girls, but at least I did get 2 girls My gang are 7 weeks today, they are huge now.
  11. Ok, you say you can't use an anti-broody cage....why?? The whole idea is that they are in it 3 days and nights straight. I have pekins and they go broody at the drop of a hat So my ant-broody cage is a wire cat carrier, which I raise on 2 bricks to allow air to circulate under the hen and it is inside my cube run. Inside the cage I have 2 "D" shaped clip on cups for food and water, checked and re-filled daily. as long as your run/enclosure is safe your hen should be fine. Let's hope you don't need one
  12. Anymore babies redsunset?? Hatching can be nerve racking at times I think I read somewhere cold weather can have an effect on the duration of hatches.
  13. Well at least you know now The mystery of why the symptoms came and went solved Did the vet offer any suggestions for Bernie? Or is it just the way it's going to be?
  14. Ah lovely Thank you leanne They did run around a lot before I caught them! Mark the breeder( where I got the new little girls from) said that as I had them outdoors on grass from day 1 that also affects the colouring up? Last time I hatched they didn't go outside on to grass for a couple of weeks or so, maybe 3 even......difficult to remember and also to compare This bunch have definitely matured faster than my last hatch 3 years ago. The brown chick is Polly's only surviving chick, he's a mix :dad- millefleur, mum- a mix millefleur X gold partridge. He's the smallest & last to hatch. Leanne can I ask your opinion? When, how should I intro the 3 growers & my 2 girls?

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