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    I remember that was what I used last time DM another quick question. I have a bag of the medicated chick crumb, which I obviously cant use for the chicks. Should I throw it away, or could I use it for Max and Polly? Thanks
  2. Sorry you lost Bluey You are wise to make changes, as you say the fox will be back I have a cube and 3 meter run on soil but filled inside with a layer of wood chip. It is very secure I have a kind of lawn edging inside the run to stop the wood chip coming out I also have some spare house bricks all along the back of the skirt to stop any digging, at the front grass has grown through the skirt as it is sighted permanently I also have a wooden ark on my patio (not in use at the mo) I have had that filled with "snowflake" a finely chipped wood. Best wishes whatever you decide to do.
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    Thanks DM I thought so......but couldn't be sure I was missing something.......except the difference in price
  4. Ah lovely You have a partridge hen there Your set up is fab Nice and sheltered for them You might want a different drinker for your little ladies, my pekins couldn't get on with the glug Of course you might have one already and I just can't see it
  5. Oh dear I guess it's not going to give up easily I had another thought. If you have some nutri drops you could give those to your bluebelle. How is she now? If you have a good general tonic I would add it to their water(for the stress) for week. I hope you find a solution
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    So wanted to get a pro-biotic to give to the chicks for a week, once they finish the coxoid. Err I think I used Aprivo plus last time 3 years ago. But there is Aprivo plus and Apirvo avian. They seem very similar in all but price! Is there any major difference? I ordered the Aprivo plus in the end from amazon.........hope this was a good move? Will it be suitable do you think?
  7. Oh dear what a fright for your girls and you! This is what most of us dread happening I guess you could bring in your stressed girl and keep her dark and warm. I believe she may need to drink, so perhaps offer her some water too. Once she perks up, then pop her out again. I think the dark run cover is a good idea and I would just check all around the perimeter of your WIR, just to be sure it's as secure as you can get it! I'm sure others will have more /better ideas! Best wishes for your girlie
  8. So the little feathered ones are mostly 2 weeks old today. They are growing lots of feathers and flapping them when they run, even trying a little flying up to get on mums back while she's standing So I been watching them and I reckon I've 3 girls and 5 boys . The prettiest black and white chick is a boy and I think both of the brown chicks too. I've seen them sparring with each other and the biggest brown chick always pecks me when I pick him up Well time will tell if I am right Yesterday and today when I visit the run Martha seems to get frantic, pacing and seeming to want out She can't leave the chicks till 6 weeks right? Last time both of my broodies were brilliant till 6 weeks, then it was like a switch flipped and they just didn't want to play mummy anymore! They are in the classic with 2 meter run. I do have another meter of run which I thought I could add when the chicks are bigger.
  9. Lovely Enjoy your girls (and the yummy eggs ) There's something about free ranging chickens in the garden..........sort of relaxing/therapy to de-stress
  10. Oh good I guess if they are all happy and healthy, go with it
  11. Well they do say reality is stranger than fiction Newcountrygirl...........did your girls ever start laying for you?????
  12. Either be very, very busy (i.e out everyday, all day) or I try and cocincide atleast one with a weeks holiday Then you missing all the evil looks and protest noises
  13. Thanks leanne Your reply made me feel loads better, I was thinking I must be doing something wrong! So coxoid for a week, then last time I added a probiotic to the chicks water for the week after. Good idea to do again? Do you know a good one suitable for chicks? I can't remember what I used last time
  14. Thanks for asking Mrs_B and Luvachicken I get home late (7pm) and leave early (7.15am) So they are sweet, know my voice and come out from under mum when I go and see them Tonight they seemed ok........but there is 8 of them and 6 look quiet alike I did call my daughter (home at the mo) mid day and ask her to pop out and check on them for 5 mins. She said they seemed ok (eating, drinking and running around) Another long day at work tomorrow Will check on them in the morning as usual.
  15. Thanks miller 30 (leanne ) I just would feel so bad if I lost any I have tried to be so careful. Does this happen to you ever? I got great advice and support here last time from spacechick Martha hen (mum) is one of those chicks So what can I do with the left over medicated crumb? Last time I gave it to someone I knew who was also hatching......don't know anyone this time.
  16. So all has been going really well with Martha and the chicks This morning I was worried to see what looked like blood on some of Martha's leg feathers.......I thought "Oh dear her legs/feet are bothering her again!" So scooped her out of the run. It was a chick poo, covered with blood I had this experience last time I hatched too But had a different set up and was hopeful of it not happening again! Anyway, I did get some coxoid & unmedicated chick crumb in "just incase". So manic change over of 2 food bowls and drinkers. Empty the poo tray, inspecting the snowflake for suspect poos, then re-fill. Also, sprinkled some Nettex ground sanitiser on a fresh patch of lawn & moved the eglu & run. All before going to work!! They seemed good, chirpy eating, running around. Will worry all day till I get home
  17. Ah lovely to have an update Yes I totally know what you mean All sounds to be going really well As for mum, she is doing a grand job......prehaps a tad too protective Martha my broody mum was more agressive while sitting and I got some jolly good pecks from her! But she is lovely as a mum and lets me handle the chicks everyday Although one of the fiesty chicks (yes I think it's a boy )) gives me a peck when I pick him up I guess you have to go with it, she is doing her job Mine are growing at an amazing rate They are getting tail feathers now. They run around and flap their wings and use mum as an adventure playground
  18. Well who can say with hens! But most probably they'll be fine but your nerves will be frazzled A couple of things I thought of.......the water drinkers will be "stale"/possibly dirty (mine kick up their run something awful when locked in no free ranging!!!!! Maybe your neighbour could change the water? If I go away I often use the week to worm mine They are locked in anyway and No1 son who takes care of them or my pet sitter then only has the water to change & grubs to top up. Also knowing how things can go pearshaped with chickens in no time I would say could your neighbour "eyeball" them for 5 mins a day? Just to make sure "Ooops, word censored!"ody is poorly? We would never go away if we over worried I'm sure it will go fine
  19. Ah I'm so sorry to read this update I was thinking of you today I felt a strong bond with Monty my cockerel and was devastated when he had to be PTS It was always him and me keeping the gaggle of naughty girlies in check I still miss him. I guess some just have a special place in our hearts You are amazingly devoted to your hens, especially when problems arise, your vet is totally right! You did all you could RIP Big Sister. XXX
  20. I would follow a few on a well known auction site and see what they go for to give you idea. I did this before buying my classic on that auction site, so as not to go mad a pay over the odds You can also place an add on the selling section of this forum
  21. I have one of those too Just wait till it's going dark outside, then they should be sleepy. I also find that mine get used to my voice,I guess like all animals they know your intensions from the tone you use. I have week old chicks in my classic and they know my voice already. I check on them when get home from work and they all come out from under mum to see me I'm already picking them up daily to get them hopefully friendly and easy to handle (it worked with their mum, who I hatch under a broody 3 years ago ) I'm sure you'll see improvement over the coming months
  22. Hi! I've just hatched with my pekin and had a 100% hatch I candled day 11 and could see development in all the eggs and I'd never candled before. I did go on youtube to watch videos first to get some know how One chick will be lonely and cold once mum decides to move on...... What day of incubation are you on?
  23. So just got a tip for you. If you need to look over the girls, say a health check. Just wait till they've roosted and then take them out one at a time to check over they should be sleepy/docile. Wow you're adventurous free ranging already Let us know how it goes
  24. Yes it's best to break a broody unless of course you want to hatch As you have observed they eat less and disrupt any laying hens, also losing condition and it could left unchecked go on for months not to mention no yummy eggs I have a wire cat basket for my anti-broody coop. I place it in my cube run, raised up on 2 bricks, 2 clip on cups for food and water. 3 days and nights straight usually does the job But if your hen heads straight for the nest box, maybe longer will be needed. Also keeping them in sight of the others avoids any trouble with the pecking order. Once my anti-broody cage goes in the run it stays there all summer The pekins take turns, but only one at a time, as they would snuggle up and keep warm the anti-broody is too cool then down and snap them out of broody mode

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