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  1. Finally got a lot of snow now...me and my mum had to drive through it from Manchester(ish) back to Redditch. That was a fun journey! Still have it quite deep and me being a six year old inside I hope more comes!
  2. Do you know what type of owl it is as that can depend? However it probably is just a rodent eating owl.
  3. Wow That looks like chicken heaven. I only dream of having a set up like that ...awesome, well done!!
  4. Hey guys! So, I was wondering what music does everyone on here like? What genres make you want to sing along? And have you got any weird memories about music that has a connection? E.g. I love eric clapton and cream and my parents and I used to go up to anglesey to see my aunt, and on that 4 hour journey, Eric Clapton used to be playing for most of the journey and I still listen to those same songs today! For music genres I'm quite varied...I like Blues, Rock, Blues rock funk, country, hard rock, classical hip hop, psychedelic and reggae (spelling??) But what do you like? Thanks Alex

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