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  1. Hi I don't know if anyone has come across Androlis which is a predatory mite that hunts red mite and eradicates it. I came across an article a few weeks ago and decided to try it. It has completely killed off the red mite which has been prolific this summer. All my girls are happy to go in and roost at night and its £26 well spent.
  2. We have a clay based garden. Not too bad until this last wet winter where it is now a muddy, waterlogged mess. The chickens are in deep mud but are laying and pecking all the same. Is anyone else in this situation? I check the girls over and they are fine but I don't know what to do with this garden to make it better for them. Thanks Monty 10 hens of various mix
  3. I've now thrown some straw down and forked the mud, and we plan to dig a hen friendly soakaway this Spring. Hopefully this will stop the muddy chicken legs!
  4. Hi Over the last few years my garden has flooded more each with winter (clay soil) which I've attempted to aerate. This Spring we intend to dig a soakaway but in the meantime my girls are wading through mud and pools of water that is halfway up their legs. The grass has disappeared and the mud has an odd green sheen in places. Is there anything nasty that could be lurking in this mess? They all appear healthy and good appetites but it just seems so grim for them. Cheers Monty Camilla Demelza Edna Flavia Belle Sylva Hendley Princess Layer Hen Solo Chickbacca
  5. Sadly Bartlett was taken to the vet as she was so pale and had lost weight. She had tumours in her stomach and had to be sent to the sky coop. Hendley is now looking better and fingers crossed.
  6. Definitely no egg eating, did discover a couple of thinner shelled eggs the last time they laid. I am aware hat being rescue girls they may just stop after such intensive laying early on, but it's worrying that they've gone off their favourite treats.
  7. Hi My two rescue hens who have laid consistently all winter have suddenly stopped laying. Neither is moulting or broody. They both love dried mealworm but one has lost interest in this and also mixed corn, which is very odd. Both have good red combs, healthy weight, etc. They seemed to go off lay as the rest of the flock started up again. Any ideas? Thanks Camilla - Red Pyle Araucana Demelza - Derbyshire Redcap Flavia - Favorelles/Orpington cross Edna - Welsummer Hendley - Ex batt Warren Bartlett - Ex batt Warren
  8. Usually lasts 3 weeks in the broody stage but they take about another 4-6 weeks after that to pay again depending on breed. I usually lift my broody hen out and try to tempt her with some corn or mealworm as they must eat and drink.
  9. Thanks peeps, I guess I will just keep an eye on her.
  10. Hi My youngest girl, Flavia, is a Favorelles/Orpington cross who is about 18 months old and was a late bloomer shall we say. She's had a full moult last July/Aug and was laying until end of Dec. She is now moulting her tail and neck feathers which I've not seen before. Has anyone else experienced this mini moult, all of my other girls just do a normal Autumn moult? Flavia, Favorelles/Orpington cross Camilla, Red Pyle Araucana Demelza, Derbyshire Redcap Edna, Welsummer Hendley, ex batt Warren Bartlett, ex batt Warren
  11. We have heavy clay soil which doesn't drain and leads to a boggy, waterlogged garden. We've kept chooks for 6 years now but this last winter has seen the constant rain turn the garden into a mudbath which is no fun for the girls. We intend to get someone in to dig it out, lay sand and returf but what to do with the hens? Do we get one side done and then move the girls to there whilst the rest is sorted? Has anyone else experienced this issue? Cheers for any advice.
  12. Hi all This year I've lost two of my gang of girls to mouth canker so I hope everyone keeps on the ball with this. Both stopped eating corn first, looked fed up and then upon examination had huge, cheesy masses in their beaks. Unfortunately after a few weeks treatment there was nothing else to do medically as the canker had taken hold elsewhere in the throat or jaw and couldn't be treated further. My eldest girl Mabel, coming up for 7 and a hardy dame, has also been diagnosed and is in her second week of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. She's perkier and I have my fingers crossed but who knows? I keep my feeder and drinkers really clean and yet this disease has thrived this year. Please don't be complacent about cleaning chicken feeder/drinkers and when checking your hens open their beak to inspect - no gunk or stinky saliva. And keep the wild birds out, we have an ongoing battle with this and its them who spread the trichomonas bacteria! Rip Jasmine Rip Daisy
  13. Sadly Jasmine did not respond to the meds and was unable to feed herself so we had to do the kindest thing and have her put to sleep. The vet did suspect she had complications further down her throat preventing her from swallowing food. RIP Jasmine.
  14. Unfortunately Jasmine has relapsed into not eating so we are tube feeding her with vet supplied 'recovery food'. I think she needs all the help we can give her to combat these infections. And yes it is ordinary wood pigeons who've been raiding our chicken food and water. We also have a lot of garden birds trying to nick their mixed corn in the afternoon!
  15. Jasmine is now seeming better and more like her old self with the steroids the vet has prescribed. She's eating, drinking, pecking and scratching with the rest of the girls. Sometimes when a hen seems like she's a goner, she turns round and surprises you!

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