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  1. You will be able to get a coloured egg layer from Merrydale Poultry near Leicester. I know its a long hike down the M1 from east Yorkshire - but if you can't get one closer to home I can assure you that lots of people on the forums have had very positive experiences from them. I have one from there and she lays a gorgeous pale blue egg nearly every day but she does seem to be a bit more skittish or nervous than the others I have. Here's what it says on their website: Merrydale Crested The crested, bred from a cream creasted legbar is still being developed as a commercial blue egg laying bird.programme, involving the use of traditional British bloodlines gives a varied coloured hybrid. A Breeding programme, involving theuse of traditional from cream or tan through to blue and grey, or mottled feathering, often with a lighter hue to the breast. A proportion are crested and comb size varies. A good sized bird, with 80% laying a blue/green, medium to large egg, the remainder lay a range of pastel shades. Lays approx 280 eggs in first year. Price Per Hen: £25.00
  2. Does anyone have experience of using this large feeder? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/CHICKEN-FEEDER-55KG-CAPACITY-POULTRY-OR-PHEASANT-FEEDER_W0QQitemZ250472726995QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Pet_Supplies_Poultry?hash=item3a515681d3&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Emperor-Poultry-Feeder-50-70kg-capacity/dp/B001QEU644/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1249130012&sr=8-11 I thought it might be easy to keep topped up over the winter if the weather is bad. Also when I go away for nearly a month early next year my Mum will find it easier to look after our girlies - she really will only need to check that the thing is topped up once per week and that their water isnt frozen on a daily basis. I know she will spend more time than that but I'm planning ahead and trying to make life easier for her. I should also ask if anybody has seen it cheaper than £46.00 + £13.80 p&p.
  3. I bought 3 chooks early in the year and all have been very happy and healthy. The setup is very clean and well looked, all the birds look happy, and there is quite a range of chicken accessories available - and Karen is very friendly and knowledgeable. My Merrydale Crested (Cream Legbar Hybrid) was the most expensive at about £20 but she lays a fantasic pale blue egg nearly every day.
  4. My picture isn't good. The black bit that you can see is my badly positioned heater. There is a square hatch in the top for all the maintenance tasks - it has a small hole for feeding so you don't need to take the hatch off. within the hatch lid there are the electronics for the LED lights. they have an automatic day break - daytime - sundown - moonlight cycle. Full daytime can be 8hrs or 14 hrs or you can have permanent daytime or permanent moonlight. There is also a 2 hrs daylight off setting for maintenance or for watching a movie. That's if I've understood all of the instructions properly The air tube comes in from underneath the tank below the bubble column - so no need to thread the plastic tube through the top.
  5. Thanks for the responses - its not the payment or my intention to close the account - just a bit of housekeeping. In my photobucket account all the pictures are in one root folder and I was thinking of deleting the ones that were older and putting the others in folders/albums - but then perhaps the links wont work. I need to read more on the photobucket account instructions to see how their folders/albums work.
  6. The 24hrs are what it says in the Biorb instructions. There are starter chemicals included and I have bought a tester kit. I do intend to follow the instructions from the Aquarium shop - he says to run it for 2 days empty, run it for 2 days with "Stress Coat" then 2 days with "Stress Zyme" and on the 7th day it should be ready for 4-6 smallest hardy tropical fish. I like Neon Tetras but the guy said these are not hardy enough for the first few months. When I go back next week I'm sure I will get good advice. I have followed the link to the other forum - lots of info to read. ...but until dark off to talk to the chickens - its their turn to be cleaned and petted.
  7. Hi - Perhaps one of the Mods can give an opinion on how long I should leave old photos on my photobucket account that have linked to old posts. I know when I look through older stuff and see the mark of doom I get a bit frustrated that the picture isnt there anymore but I would like to clear some of the stuff that's in my old account. Perhaps this should be a topic in the how to use the Forum section. Thanks for the opinions
  8. I've bought one and filled it with water - it fits in nicely apart from the heater/thermostat. The instruction book says I have to wait for at least 24hr for fish - I think I will let it settle longer than that! [Edited a few times because I couldn't get the picture to work!]
  9. I've decided to get an aquarium to brighten up my living room and add some movement to a darkish corner. I've had coldwater fish a long time ago but now I like the idea of a very modern tank with some little fish. I think I've decided to go with the Biorb Life P60 the new flat fronted aquarium - just with neon tetras to start. Does anybody have any experience of this system and what are the drawbacks? I saw the smaller version in a garden centre in a green house and it was full of algae and one fish - so not a good advert - but is wasnt for sale anyway. I think I've convinced myself that I NEED one
  10. I picked up the "Garden" catalogue from the shop and it had free mixed lettuce seeds in it Luckily my Mum got a pack too and didnt want her seeds - so know I should have enough lettuce for the summer
  11. Jaime

    seed giveaway for bees

    Try this it says that my pack is on its way... http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/bluepeter/central/getinvolved/seedgiveaway.shtml
  12. Give your girlies greens from cabbage, cauliflower leaves, broccoli and lettuce as treats - I give mine all my off cuts and the odd extra cabbage as well and the egg yolks will colour up nicely. But only give treats in the afternoon because they need to eat their pellets - and too much lettuce gives them the runs I think if she is laying you should concentrate on the layers pellets and forget the growers stuff - but I'm no expert - somebody is sure to have a different opinion.
  13. I have a Gingernut Ranger - she is the worse bully you could ever come across. I dont think I could put smaller birds near her because I'm sure she would bully them to death - she can be really horrible with the others. I got three new chooks a couple of weeks ago and now my grown ups have gone completely on egg strike so no eggs since last Wednesday. I'm fascinated by the banty eggs... do they taste the same as an ordinary garden hen egg (not a yucky shop one)? are they in the same proportion of yolk to white? if you were using them in cooking would you use 2 banty eggs (say in a cake) to one ordinary egg?
  14. Nice eggs... What does the writing on the eggs say - it looks very neat? They look a fair size for banty eggs, for some reason I thought banty eggs were much smaller - but then I only saw my first bantams this weekend at Reddish Vale Community Farm. They were very pretty - shame you cant mix them with full size bossy ginger hens.
  15. I think my Server blocks emails from your account. I think I have sorted the problem but your previous messages have all been deleted, It's a shame that the Omlet System wont allow attachments it would have been so much easier. Regards Jx

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