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  1. It's really sad! Thanks for the tip! Will check it out!
  2. Thanks for your kindness! It is so sad and I love them dearly. Praying for a home for them.
  3. Hi there, I am trying to rehome two of my beautiful hens (breaks my heart ). I have placed them in the Marketplace but wonder if there is somewhere else I can list them? (I know you cannot list them here and I don't want to break any rules ) Does anyone know anywhere else? Want to make sure they get the best home possible! Thanks kind people.
  4. Wow! Thanks for this info! Really helpful! Off to get some covering for them!
  5. Silly me..it was Easibed not Easilay! Easilay being house flooring!
  6. Thanks for your replies! I was concerned as the Easilay seemed to be getting damp and it's flippin' cold here so I was not wanting their little bodies on dampness. Thanks for the help! Back to the drawing board... This is such an awesome Forum!!
  7. Hello! We have 4 ex-batts which we have had a week and their run and coop are currently on the concrete slabs as the garden is mush with the snow and wet. So, we have laid easilay and some dust free straw - which is so soft. My issue is this, I am cleaning the poop away every night and sweeping up the easilay, then storing it and putting it out in the morning. Is there a better way? I don't want my girls to get cold especially as they are only a week out. Any help would be appreciated! My back would also appreciate it! Love Tra
  8. Thanks everyone for your lovely replies! Tried the light and it worked a treat! Wow! All four were standing on the ramp waiting for each other. They are starting to get stronger and it's great to see them being hens. Today 2 of them bathed in the sun and it was precious! Thanks again, appreciate you all taking the time!!
  9. Hello everyone! Don't know if anyone can answer this before sunset but we have had our ex-batts for a week now and they are not putting themselves to bed. My question is are we doing it too early and they would do it themselves if it was a little darker? The other night - probably night three - we left it and a couple panicked. Any wisdom would be appreciated! Love Tra

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