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  1. She is well, still out with the others and eating and drinking. She isn't moulting and no change in her toilet droppings.
  2. We have a 8 month old hen and her comb seems to be shrinking and going dark, she seems well in herself and being normal? Over winter I did put comb protector on her but this doesn't seem to of made a difference any ideas? Thank you
  3. I have tried nutri-drops and other vitamins to build his strength over the last week. Unfortunately when I got home last night he was getting cold and couldn't stand so he is now in the garden pushing up the daisy's. We are going to get another Cockerel over the next few weeks as you get used to them in the morning and the girls are missing him.
  4. I can see him have to be culled, I didn't want him to suffer .
  5. I have been reading about Mareks online, he is loosing alot of weight - are they in pain with the disease?
  6. Stuart is a frizzle / silkie mix absolutely beautiful, yesterday we put him in the garden he managed to stand up and went for a little walk around but he is off balance and keeps falling on his side or nose diving, his wings seem to be losing feathers. Yesterday I washed him and dried him and have continued to give him water and vitamins in a syringe. Still no idea if anyone can help?.
  7. I'm not sure, would damaging his wing make him lay down? His legs don't appear to be damaged or anything.
  8. Stuart is a 6 month old Cockerel, when I went down this morning he can't stand up an is laid on one side - his wing he is laid on feels really hard and he isn't moving it. I have put him in the house away from the others laid on straw with food and water. Can anyone help??

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