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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies. Sorry not to post again sooner. (My hubby has been in hospital for the past week) Can anyone recommend a good chicken stockist in Essex at all - maybe near Southend/Rayleigh area. I'm struggling to find a good one. I have used one in Rayleigh before but the choice hasn't always been good. Thanks again. I'm very excited and I have moved my WIR to a new spot in the garden, levelling the area was fun! I need to prep the new base today, sort a new cover as the old one knackered and make a dust bath ready for my new girls.
  2. Hello, I haven't had chickens for about 18 months after a big fox attack who took out my 4 girls. After the shock of that I decided to leave getting new chocks for a while and then we had some an extension built so I thought it would be best to wait until that was finished. I'm now at the stage of moving my WIR and eglu classic house and thinking about what type of girls to get. I've had hybrids, bathams and a grump White Sussex. Could anyone make any suggestions please? I would like good layers if possible and is there any such breed that is known for being extra friendly. I did like the idea of a Buff Orpington or maybe a Lavender Araucana. Also can anyone recommend some good chicken suppliers in Essex please? Thank you and sorry for all the questions.
  3. Funny you should say that Plum as I saw the fully feathered one having a peck at one of the others! Never seen that before. She also chased off one when she tried to get to a hanging apple. I think I've got a pecker!!! I'm purple spraying the pecked two and I've been adding cider vinegar to their water. In a way I'm glad its not mites but now I need to stop this bullying I'm also surprised as its not the head chock doing it. (The black one, Dolly) Can the hierarchy change in a group with a new head girl taking over? Thanks x
  4. Thank you for your replys. I will definitely sort out some chicken boredom stoppers in the run asap and I will give the purple spray a go to. Something else I noticed was that over the past 3 days I have been picking less poo?! But Ive just finished a worming session so I'm not sure if that would cause that? I'm at such a loss as what to do. Thanks again x
  5. I have 3 chickens and I have problems with 2 of them and I would be very grateful for some advice please? In April we went away for the weekend and I had asked a neighbours son to feed the chickens which he had done in the past. However this time he'd didn't feed them!! I won't bore you with the story why - just put it down to unrequited love between him and my teenage DD. Well the head chock Dolly had pulled out her chest and tummy feathers, which I put down to distress over not being fed. However this has not grown back and now another of my 3 chickens has started to pull out her feathers. The 3rd chicken is unaffected. The chickens are all wormed, poo picked every day and each time I sprinkle red mite and louse powder onto the roosting bars in the eglu. I feed them on Garvo and I put cider vinegar into their drinking water. The eglu and run is on a barked area. All 3 are eating well, laying eggs, have bright combs that are standing upright. I have never seen any of them bullying each other. I have checked them over and can't see any bugs. Their legs are also clear of any irritation. I do need to sort our a specific area for them for a dust bath? I have restricted them to their run and not the whole of the garden as we were getting sick of cleaning poo off the patio. But they have a barked area of about 12/15 metres square. So as the 3rd chicken is unaffected could this be boredom over grooming? or do I need a Vets visit? Any advice that you could offer would be fab. I have enclosed some photos that I took today for you to look at. Thanks again Beth x
  6. Thanks for your replies. I think I will leave her to it I do poop scoop the nesting box every day along with the poop tray so I won't worry. Thanks again
  7. Yesterday eve when I tucked my girls in I noticed one of my chocks sleeping in the nesting bit of my eglu classic and not on the roasting bars. Should I start to move her onto the bars or leave her alone? If I need to move her how do I go about this. Sorry I'm still a bit of a newbie and not sure how to tackle this. Thanks very much
  8. My lovely DH has booked for us to go away for a week which was a fab surprise but my first thought was 'Whos going to look after my 3 chooks?' So I hit google and a place near to me called Barling Poultry came up to say they look after hens for holidays. I would really like to look around there before I book my girls in, but am I being unreasonable to ask? If I do go for a look is there anything in particular that I should ask or check out? Will my girls be ok going from a to a wooden coop? I'm fairly new to chicken keeping (since April) and I don't want to just leave my girls with anyone. Unfortunately asking a neighbour is not possible so this is the only option. Or I'm not sure if Im allowed to ask.......but can anyone recommend somewhere in the south essex area please? I would appriciate any advice Thanks very much
  9. Thanks for all your advice. I think we are going to go for edging in slabs with a wood chip base on the earth and see how that works out. Although OH did give me a look when I said "well lets see how the edging goes because if we decide to expand and add a cube with a WIR….." (I think I have gone and caught morehenitus ) Anyway OH has just got back from Wickes with the slabs so hopefully it will be finished over the weekend. Thanks again
  10. We have a eglu classic with a 3m run for my three girls. However after a few weeks of just moving the run around the garden, we have decided to make a permanent base for the and run to sit on. Now despite my advice to my OH he thinks I'm being nuts so would someone please be kind enough to let me know if I'm going OTT or not? I'm thinking about putting concrete slabs down over the entire area and filling the top over with wood chips which we would replace as needed. My OH thinks that we should just edge the area and fill in the ground with wood chips as the chickens love to scratch into the earth. The girls are allowed to FR daily, but due to their extensive renovations to my OH garden he has made me buy one of Omlets 21m fencing to keep their FR off his veggie patch. Any advice you could give would be fab. Thanks
  11. We had our first egg yesterday as well. Its blooming' exciting isn't it? I was very surprised especially as we only had our girls and eglu delivered last Thursday.
  12. Day 8 and Dolly did it again but this time she was a lot more considerate and used the nesting box
  13. Well this morning Dolly spent 25 minutes sitting in the nesting area of my . Every so often her little head would look out the eglu door to check on the others (she's number one chock). When she wondered into the run I ran out to check but no egg Perhaps I had put her off by watching her too intently from the kitchen window! So off I went to work. However when I returned at 2:30pm I saw a little brown something glistening from the middle of the run. I ran out into the garden and yes I found our first After I congratulated Dolly (I swear the neighbours think I have lost the plot) I then wondered how the hell I was going to retrieve it So after grabbing the garden rake I managed to pull the egg to the door of the run! Its not bad this chicken keeping lark!
  14. I'm pretty confident that I'm going to come into the garden when we let them FR and see one of them strutting around the platform of the tree house!! I'm just hoping that they don't use it as a launch pad into our neighbours garden!

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