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  1. Hello people! I was looking at images of my chickens from when we got them, (28/04/12), and then now. Thought you might like to see their development. Post your own images below! Florence, when she was about 20 weeks. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cjtrybomamx55tz/IMG_1485.JPG Florence, just 6 days later. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dv4gkk7mfocrqxj/IMG_1513.JPG Ahh, happy memories. My first egg. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3y6dtg6uchpakr9/IMG_1464.JPG Also, Bluebelle started moulting. Her entire underside is raw red. When the others moulted it wasn't that bad. So, bye! Anyway, do you have any pictures? Bye!
  2. I was just looking through my previous posts, who could ever tire of such cute little chicks?
  3. Thanks for the replies! The coop is on the ground, but has wire around it for about a foot. I doubt a badger could rip open a closed eglu though.... I was thinking if it were to get in the run would it be able to twist open the side door? A fox certainly would be able to. Thanks!
  4. Yeah, they like worms and grubs and stuff. One of my neighbours once saw a badger with a cat though. I think they'll eat anything. I suppsoe Eglus are strong enough to stop badgers?
  5. Hello, Recently my neighbour discovered they had something under their decking. This 'something' is badgers. I love badgers and stay up trying to catch a glimpse, unfortunately I have yet to see them, but last night they found our chickens. I can remember trying to stop things like this happening by laying mesh along the floor and fortunately they didn't get into the run. If in the unfortunate event of the badger suceeding in its quest to enter the run, would an Eglu Classic be strong enough? Also, if you need to know I have 3 chickens, , , and a . Thanks, Seth.
  6. Thanks to both of you! I will stop worrying about the chickens now!
  7. Hello! Recently two of my chickens started moulting. One of them, a gold legbar, is only about 47 weeks. The other is more like 51 weeks, she is a cream legar. As far as I knew chickens moulted at 72, especialy not in the winter. (It snowed this morning ) The gold legbar seems to have mostly recovered but Florence, the creamy legbar, is just getting worse. Follow the link for an image, it was too huge to embed! http://www.twistedduck.com/chickens/IMG_2203.JPG Also whilst picking her up I noticed a kind of stalk about 2cm long sticking up from her lower back. Is this her oil gland? Thanks! Seth
  8. CUTE! I want some... You are very green?
  9. I went to the vet earlier and she said that Florence most likely didn't have bumble foot. She gave her some anti-inflamitary stuf, I hope she'll recover.
  10. Well I am taking her to the vet and she what they say.. I hope it just clears up though and we don't have to go back. Even though she's in a small horrible run she still laid and egg!
  11. Thanks, I didn't know there was an expert vet so near! I will try and take her as soon as possible!
  12. *UPDATE* We have know brought her in and are keeping her in a guinea pig cage; LIKE THIS it has around an inch of sawdust. It may be bumble foot as when I looked, after cleaning her feet, it had to black swelling like things on the swelling itself. Help please....
  13. Down on the allotment there is a community orchard, with chickens. They tried the grandpa's feeders and didn't like them. The chickens stood on them then threw the pellets onto the floor. I don't know if anyone's had the same problem... Maybe they just have particuarly mad chickens. Hehe
  14. Hello. Florence's foot is really swollen, well just the kind of central foot pad. I'm rather worried about her, but I don't think it's bumble foot. I think it could just be an infection as she could have trodden on anything in the garden? My other's are ok. Any suggestions as to what I should do? Thanks, Seth

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