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  1. Thanks Millie-Annie, I have wondered about that too, I've had guinea pigs with those, and they do feel a bit like that. Not sure if ducks can get them.
  2. Kind of in between? not liquid, but not solid... she doesn't react when we press them
  3. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any idea what could be happening to Cumin, one of my runner ducks. She doesn't live with me at the moment (I'm in between houses so she's at my ex, where my daughter looks after her), so I'm unsure how long this has been happening, though my daughter thinks the first lump on top of the beak appeared a few days ago, and the one on the side of her head came on in the last couple of days. I saw the ducks about ten days ago and there definitely wasn't anything much noticeable then. The ducks have been free-ranging, so I wonder if these could be bites/
  4. My OH is pretty good at most things, especially electrical and electronic, but he does tend to take a while to do them (why spend ten minutes doing something when you can spend half a day, with a couple of trips to the diy stores included), not always understanding that in a busy house with four kids, the luxury of taking a whole day off to do one job is not usually an option... he does tend to know his limitations too, though he's become more careless in the recent years... not sure why... we've had not one, but two instances of him insisting on drilling (he does LOVE his power tools) into wa
  5. There is lots of kindness in this world, both here and abroad. I remember a trip in Boston once, when there was snow and a massive wind storm, I tried to go for a walk with my then toddler and baby, and gave up as it felt dangerous. But I saw people go to and hold total strangers to help them cross windy roads. When things go wrong with nature people pull together. We see it here in the UK a lot... You know, when it snows a bit and all the cars get stuck? There is usually someone to come and help push. When there are floods (and we get our fair share of it in oxfordshire), people talk and
  6. Hi everyone... This is what happens when my daughter plays the piano... We try to discourage it, as we don't want Yeti to get into such habits, but still we find it so funny...
  7. Thank you all you lovely people for your thoughts and suggestions... this forum is great when one needs a bit of community support. Little pup (who's developing long legs!!) is doing great. Waiting for a call from the vet with results, I've heard nothing so far so I guess there's nothing to tell, if they haven't called by Tuesday I'll give them a ring. We're keeping Yeti under Eagle eye supervision at all times, and so far so good. 19 days went between the first day of her first illness, and the first day of the second bout, and we're now at day 7. I know everything that's gone into her as s
  8. Space Chick, that's exactly the kind of things I'm thinking of doing and reading about. HGE (hemorrhagic gastro-enteritis) can, from what I understand, have many causes, and there seems to be hundreds of unexplained cases I've found on the internet, so when vets can't find a cause it seems to be considered an illness in it's own right (especially in the states in seems), though here vets seem to see it more as just a symptom (sometimes unexplained) rather than a diagnosis. Yeti is now back home, and she is her usual happy self. When treated quickly enough, with IV fluids, an affected dog make
  9. Dear all, Yeti has been back in hospital, and she's ok, will be home hopefully tomorrow night or monday morning. Same as last time, vomiting and then extreme diarrhoea, like just a garden hose connected to a pink lemonade supply (sorry, that's what it looks like)... vet doing tests, trying to find out what causes it. The condition is HGE, (translated in my own language as bleeding gut enteritis), and can have many causes... problem is it's so dangerous, even more so for a young pup who's been sick before... it can de-hydrate and send a pup into shock in two hours... Occasionally HGE is neve
  10. We have 7 pets insured, and for most of them we never seem to spend more at the vet than we do on insurance premiums. One of our cats, though, has a lifelong illness, and has already been covered for ultrasound and medication for the last five years. Not sure we win much, because the cost of the premium is not that much below the cost of the treatments, but then treatment might become more expensive as he gets older and needs more regular checks and maybe more expensive interventions. I don't regret taking the cover as it gives me peace of mind. Our second dog was unfortunate enough to
  11. Great to hear she's better. It's such a worry when they're not well, isn't it.
  12. Lolalayla, Charlie too is on Royal Canin, and he had very similar symptoms twice, once about two years ago and then a few months later. I think that in our case it was due to over-feeding him, making him poo several times in a walk, and apparently that can then make them strain, as they don't feel 'empty', which then causes bleeding. He had diarrhoea too. I re-checked how much we were supposed to feed him and found we gave him way too much, so re-adjusted quantities. I also started giving him soft food too, not just dry kibble (he gets Lily's kitchen tins), and he really likes it, and hasn't h
  13. So, so sorry to hear about Daisy She had a wonderful life with you, and I hope in time you find a lovely place to spread her ashes... RIP Daisy
  14. From Yeti to all of you lovely people Vet said that although test had been negative, he's pretty sure it was parvo... apparently the test isn't so reliable.

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