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  1. Hi everyone, Thought I'd give you an update in case anyone reading this has similar problems in the future. Over the weekend he continued to have the problems I mentioned before, we had a vet appointment booked for Tuesday but on Monday he went very downhill in the space of a few hours, having trouble walking, eating and drinking. We called the vet who recommended keeping him at home and warm until the following morning, as there was probably nothing they could do if we brought him in. We realised quickly that he probably wasn't going to last the night so just tried to keep him as comfortable as we could, gave him lots of cuddles and eventually let him in his cage so he could go to sleep. We found him early in the morning and I think he'd just drifted off after we put him in. Very grateful actually as it seemed much kinder than having to take him all the way to the vet to be put down. I suspect (though I have absolutely no expert knowledge) that the growth round his neck was some sort of blockage internally, which was causing him to lose weight (the rest of him felt increasingly skinny over the weekend) but with heaviness just from the growth, and as it grew bigger it was preventing him from cleaning his eyes/nose, and possibly from being able to get the normal droppings out. We know there's probably nothing that could have been done about this but I also think there may have been a small stroke or something on Monday afternoon - as he suddenly had problems moving and also his mouth seemed to be hanging open slightly. Still, even in the last few hours when we were trying to keep him comfy he was attempting to jump onto our laps and pushing his head towards our hands. He's been a wonderful little friend and we're pretty devastated about losing him so quickly. Thanks everyone for your advice and help last week.xxx
  2. Thank you everyone for your suggestions! He did have some slight issues with back teeth last summer but they naturally ground down enough just with some hard things to chew (we went back a couple of times with him to the vet to check on progress) so he didn't need to have anything done. But at that point we noticed it because he was losing weight. Could tooth problems be causing all these symptoms? I will give the vet a ring this evening and ask more advice, as well as looking at some more specialist forums as you suggest. I was holding him last night and every few seconds he was doing a little shudder which was worrying me, and his eyes were crusty again. But other times he was hopping about and wheeking happily. The one thing I noticed was that I think he is eating less hay this week, which perhaps is not helping with his digestion/doing droppings. Thank you for your help, Catriona and George
  3. Hello guinea pig keepers! Hoping for some advice about my guinea pig George. He's had some strange symptoms over the last week and we've taken him to the vet, who couldn't see any reason for it. I'm a bit worried though. Over the last week he suddenly developed huge double chin/fatty area on his front (dewlap?) which is getting bigger by the day! At the same time, he's suddenly started to have trouble making pellets so I've been having to clean/help them out about once a day. AND he's now developed quite runny nose and eyes. He's a little subdued too. He's still eating and drinking and running for veg when it's offered, but he's been running around less outside his cage and sometimes I'm spotting him hunched over (trying to do pellets I'm guessing). The vet couldn't explain it, and since he is still eating/drinking and seems ok a lot of the time he didn't seem too worried. But isn't it weird to all happen at once? I know about impaction in boars and since he's 3 and a half I know this could be it, but with that happening at the same time as these huge drops in his fur/skin around tummy and neck, and the eyes and nose being runny, this just makes me worry there is something bigger going on. would be very grateful if anyone has had similar experiences and could offer some advice. The vet has said to call back if we're still worried, but he did say there wasn't a lot they could do without knowing if there was a problem or not. Thank you Catriona George CJ Bonnie
  4. Just a little update ... Thankfully Ginger seems pretty much back to normal health wise, but we've noticed that there is some quite bad bullying going on towards her by the other two hens. It's strange because I've been watching them all so closely, but saw no signs of it until the last day or two - this may explain why she was hiding away and keeping to the edges? Could the weird behaviour be caused by stress? We've dealt with this before - when we introduced these three birds Ginger was always at the bottom of the pecking order but it calmed down after a little while - they have lived together over a year now and I see no reason why such bad bullying should start up now! We've been separating her from the nest box so she can get her strength up, and will continue with extra protein to help with her moult but also anti-peck spray to try to avoid any more s"Ooops, word censored!"s... It's all just quite odd! I'm just so relieved she is back to her happy little self we had a very worrysome few days.
  5. I'm really pleased to say Ginger is looking so much better today. On letting her out to free range she was going round the garden as normal (still a little away from the others) and was even playing by our patio doors looking in at me which I've really missed over the last couple of days! She didn't hide by the fences at all, and no droopy head which is a big improvement from yesterday. She had plenty food and I have her more tuna. I have put her in a seperate nest box for tonight to make sure she's ok, and so I can check poo looks normal in the morning. Depending on how she is tomorrow we will decide about the vet but I am hoping she is getting back to normal! Thanks everyone for the advice and I'll post again after I see how the next day goes.x
  6. Glad you managed to save it! We had similar a couple of springs ago - a baby sparrow had fallen out of our trees and was crawling across the grass straight for the Eglu run. I saw it from the window and had to make a sharp run outside to rescue it! I popped it in a small 'nest' box until we could figure out where it was from, managed to put him through on the other side of the fence into the neighbour's garden away from the naughty hens and hopefully in sight of his parents!
  7. Thanks for all the advice. She'd had tuna this evening, seems to be drinking ... think I'll keep giving extra protein, begin another cycle of worming and just keep an eye on her drinking for the next day or two She's standing alone at the side of the garden looking very down!
  8. Just checked my calendar and we finished the last working cycle 5 weeks ago, so is it worth doing again just in case that's the problem?
  9. We've used Flubenvet. They have two watercoolers , both filled fresh and only one has the tonic in it. They have mealworms daily but am going to add in extra tuna for protein.
  10. Hello, Wondering if anyone can give me some advice. One of our hens has been having quite a bad moult for the last couple of months, and we've been trying all the normal stuff - from previous chickens we know that in time it will get better. Possibly unrelated, for the last few days she has seemed a little odd. She's been staying in the house a little more than usual, and when their out free-ranging, she tends to stand round the edges of the garden, sometimes looking quite sleepy and with head drooping. I've checked her crop which seems normal, can't see any problems with vent, and she has been eating and drinking plenty. I've been adding in extra food like porridge everyday and watching closely to make sure the other two hens aren't keeping her from eating - she looks like she is getting plenty. We wormed them recently and no sign of mites. We've been adding poultry tonic to water. Any suggestions?! Could it be due to moulting, or, I wondered if it might be due to the very hot weather we've been having in the south. We only recently moved the chickens down from where we liked in the north of England and this is probably the warmest weather they've ever experienced - could she be too hot/dehydrated? Many thanks for any suggestions! Cat
  11. I'm in the same boat at the moment. We got two newbies last week who have been living in a separate run to our older chicken. We started letting them free-range together (supervised) yesterday. There have been a couple of hard pecks from the older one but I'm trying to keep my distance and not interfere. I'm a bit nervous about popping them in the coop at night together in case the old one corners them!
  12. Sadly one of our two chickens had to be put down yesterday after being taken very ill. As well as being very upset over that, we're worried about our remaining hen who is now all alone. What are people's experiences of this? She is over 2 years old now and seems in good health, but I don't want to just get one new little chicken as our current one may pass on before long and then again I'd left with just one! Is it wiser to find a pair of young ones to introduce to her, so a least if she passes on before them, there are two left that are used to each other? And if so, how best to go about it? (I have read various pots about having them in a different run alongside to get them used to each other). Also, how long should I leave the lonely one by herself before getting new ones - is it best to do it as soon as possible so she doesn't have too much time to be alone/get used to ruling the roost? All advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you Catriona
  13. Just thought I'd update you, little Donna is fullly recovered now. After a few days of arnica, being kept ito the run, and sitting down and resting, there was a vast improvement so we didn't go to the vet. After about a week she was walking round the garden fairly easily, and now she is running about at her normal speed!
  14. Thanks both for your help! She is still limping on it but she got quite a lot of rest yesterday, spending more time than normal sitting down in the run. Encouragingly she is still able to hop in and out of the eglu house into the run which is quite a bit of a step. I am hoping she'll have another restful day today, and if there's no improvement by tomorrow we'll try the vet to be safe! She is still eating, drinking and laying, other than the leg she seems perfectly happy. Thanks very much!
  15. Hello, Our little chicken Donna suddenly started limping quite badly yesterday. She was fine all day, but when we went to shut her in in the evening we noticed she could barely put weight on her left foot. Today, she is just the same and we've kept her shut in the run to limit her walking around, while her friend is out free-ranging.We've examined the foot, and can't see any Bumblefoot or splinters/lodged dirt. I'm wondering, since it came on so suddenly, if she jumped off something, landed badly and sprained it. Any recommendations if so? I've read about arnica being used, but if the injury is further up the leg (under the feathers) is there any way of telling where the problem is? Can it heal by itself? When we got the girls, her friend CJ was a bit under-the weather and had a dodgy leg & wing, which healed on their own in time, but this limp looks worse. Thanks! CJ & Donna in the Eglu new arrival, baby George

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