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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I think I'll use the shredder paper in the wood burning stove and choose something else for the coop. Got my eglu last week and am having problems with the assembly...bolts that cant fit in holes, my side panel with the front lid hatch hole will not line up with the lid hatch locking mechanism...so I have half a coop right now and a message into customer support. Worried that the girls will come before all this gets sorted out...
  2. Hi, just ordered my cube and have what may be a dumb question...but here goes: I always have a ton of paper around from newspapers to computer paper that I put in my shredder. Can I use this for bedding?
  3. Thanks so much for the reply! This is my first time raising chickens, something I've wanted to do for years now....I guess I'm just a little nervous about screwing up. I have a barn where we used to have horses that is not in use anymore, thought about putting the eglu in one of the stalls for added warmth...although I have to say it's been the mildest winter here in years...but it's not over yet.
  4. Hi, just ordered my eglu cube last week and have some questions about racoons. We have a large racoon population and I am wondering if the cube closed for the evening will keep the girls safe? Racoons are nocturnal so daytime when the girls are out are not a p oblem (at least for racoons, but we do have a hawk that targets hens in the area). My concern is do I need to place added security keep the critters from getting in?

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