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  1. Just to update i rang the vet to say we had lost another chicken but it was sudden. She still seems to think they could have Coccidiosis which we had stared treating them for. We are giving it in their drinking water as the baycox liquid is so thick like syrup they didnt like it by syringe. i am still abit unsure if this is the problem i asked about doing dropping samples but was quoted £70-£80 i didnt even ask if it was per bird. I have found a sampling kit online for around £15 which you collect the droppings and send it off. just wondered if others have had to treat their birds, some things i read about the bacteria sounds as tho it mainly affects young birds ours are 4 years upto 6. Our sand in the run is dry and well covered, it seems clean as their feet stay cleaner and the droppings are easy to sieve out they get coated like a truffle. We have converted a grain shovel inyo a sand sifter. Will try get photos on thanks for eveyones input becca
  2. Yes anything i have read about using sand would be deadly. Well thats good to know we did get the chickens from the same place but they are different breeds and she brought them in. But they have shown different signs one would be under the weather stood about tail down puffed up and then the last went down quick she had just been sitting on the perch more so yesterday than usual but temperature is dropping by and they do sit on the perch abit. They have been wormed lately. The only other thing i have done was make some pecking blocks that you bake in the oven I used oats, garlic ganules, oregano dried, cinnamon, raisins, treacle, egg, wholemeal flour, pumpkin seeds, green split peas and lentils both dried and mixed bird seed as i use it for wild birds, it had linseed, sunflower seeds, millet, etc is there something poisonous or a seed thst they should not eat or a seed shell. i do check if suitable for birds and know about raw potatoe, onion etc. thanks for ur reply
  3. Hi we have lost 3 chickens in the last few months including one tonight she was fine yesterday and today just went . The chichken before had been under the weather for afew days she was also moulting we took her to the vet who gave us antibioitics and a liquid called baycox 2.5ml which was to be viven go her and ghe other chickens incase it was this bacteria that could spread through the chickens and by their droppings. she died the following morning so i took her to the vet for a post mortam and she came back after to say she was riddled with tumours which had caused her dealth that can be common in chickens. we have never lost this many chickens and wondering what else it maybe. the only big chage was we took out wood chippings and put sand in which seemed better and cleaner for the chickens. can anyone advise please and is it worth asking the vet to run any tests on their droppings for anything? we had 8 now we have 5 i dont want to loss anymore...
  4. Yes i know what you mean i only sell afew at work and to neighbours and they are good at bringing boxes back.
  5. Hello i thought id show my new egg boxes and labels, and was interested to see what other people have
  6. Hi im looking for egg boxes for selling my eggs from our front door, i fancy pink ones i can find half dozen boxes but i would also like dozen boxes. does anyone know where i could purchase them ideally from same company to save postage but dont mind any option, Many thanks Becca
  7. Hi im hoping this is the best place for help, im looking for a chicken / hen button, i dont mind purchasing multiples but only need 1, im planning to make a quilted sleeve to keep my kindle in and have some chicken fabric i want to use and need a fastening thought i might try a chicken or hen button or a chick, depends on size. hoped someone on here might of seen some, seems when we own chickens, we get everything chicken orientated lol the chicken fabric im goin to use i only brought as was on sale and knew id use it at some point for a crafty project lol many thanks becca
  8. Thought id share this, think il give my chickies a extra hug tomorrow. The Battery Hen Oh, I am a battery hen On me back theres not a germ, I never scratched a farmyard, And i never pecked a worm, I never had the sunshine, To warm me feathers through, Eggs i lay, Every day. For the likes of you. When you has them scrambled, Piled up on your plate, Its me what yoy should thank for that, I never lays them late, I always lays them reg'lar, I always lays them right, I never lays them brown, I always lays them white. But its no life, for a battery hen, In me box im sat, A funnel stuck out from the side, Me pellets comes down that, I gets a squirt of water, Every half a day, Watchin' with me beady eye, Me eggs, roll away. I lays them in a funnel, Stratègically placed, So that i dont kick 'em And let them go to waste, They rolls off down the tubing, And up the gangway quick, Sometimes i gets to thinkin' "that could have been a chick!" I might have been a farmyard hen, Scratchin' in the sun, There might have been a crowd of chicks, After me to run, There might of been a cockerel fine, To pay us his respects, Instead of sittin' here, Till someone comes and wrings our necks. I see the Time and Motion clock, Is sayin' nearly noon, I 'spec me squirt of water, Will come flyin' at me soon, And then me spray of pellets, Will nearly break me leg, And i'll bite the wire nettin' And lay one more bloody egg.
  9. Hi I brought a sigma color chalk marker and I want to change the white chalk for another colour but can not figure out how to change them, theres nothing to say how to on the box and I couldnt find any thing online? many thanks becca
  10. Hi yes of course I was going every 3, which part would be the raglan that im decreasing the neck edge I assume is the edges that the boarder for buttons and button holes goes
  11. Hi im knitting a cardigan for my nephew and am having a blank moment , you make it in one sides and back then add in the sleeves and continue to knit im now stuck as have gone blank to think what they are asking me to do. work 13 rows dec 1 st at neck edges as before in next and every foll 4th row AT SAME TIME dec 1 st at raglan seams as before in next and every foll alt row . also just to confirm dec on every 4th row means il dec the 1st , 4th, 8th and 12th ive been learning to quilt and havent been knitting since last christmas maybe hope you can help ive been abit slow worried my newphew will grow before its finished, which has happened before lol becca
  12. Yes, its a new cube I brought this year from having a secondhand eglu so wanted to keep it nice and sparkly lol , on the outside anyway lol wanted to protect it from fading thank you ive only had chickens for a couple years really they have had 3 extentions lol the roof and extending to made it wider they have a plastic shhet that rolls up the front and back when the weathers bad lol always find theres ways to change and improve especially when on here swapping ideas becca
  13. Hi I brought a storage box for under bed storage and just didnt use the lid its the perfect width and height for under the cude I also made a clear pvc cover round the base of the cube round the mesh to keep it dry and draft free dont know if photos show it very well
  14. Ive used other egg boxes for a neighbour that gets my eggs , I was goin to up a chalk board up , I thought you werent allowed to sell eggs in other egg boxes?
  15. Hi im looking at getting some egg boxes and labels for my neighbourly egg sales , only have 8 chickens and 2 arent laying we just sell afew to neighbours as pays for the chicken food every now and then, I wondered what others may of choosen out of interest? To see other pimped up egg boxes/ labels whether brought or handmade Becca

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