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  1. Hi all, thanks for your answers. We did suspect that it was just old age but wanted a few other ideas just to see. They are ISA Browns.
  2. H all, a couple of months back our girl Ruby just suddnely died one day. We came home from work to find her collapsed and dead in the run. We have 5 other girls and all other 5 were fine, running around, clear eyes, good comb etc and we just could not work out what had happened to poor Ruby. Then all of a sudden yesterday we came home to find that one of the remaining 5 girls, Pamela, had also passed away suddenyl and was laid in practically the same place as Ruby. The girlies are about 3 and a half years old, they all looked healthy, there are no red mite n the coop as we check regularly, there are no signs of rats or cats. What's going on???
  3. Four weeks ago we wormed our girls with flubenvet and built them a new coop. They have settled in to the coop and know that it is home now. Previously they were each laying every day but since we wormed them and put them in the new coop we have had no eggs. I have searched around and they are not laying anywhere else. Has anyone got any ideas as to why they have just stopped laying?
  4. How do you know when and if the girls need worming?
  5. Thanks for the advice everyone. I have given her a few days and she is as right as rain now. No idea what it was but I am going to keep a good eye on her and get them wormed as soon as
  6. One of our girlies looks very lethargic and is always away from the main group (the other 5 girlies recently). When I even throw corn down the other 5 girls go crazy for it but our girly Pamela is disinterested and almost doesn't notice that there is corn. Its not like her at all. She is normally a lively and likeable character. I have checked her out and her comb is good, he eyes are clear, none of the others are hen pecking her and I don't seem to know what the problem is. Please help if you can. Thanks in advance
  7. We have considered scooping up the coop tray full of poo and putting it on our newly planted garden and veggie plots. Is this ok to do or not? Can anyone help. I dont want to do it if it is unhealthy or if the poo needs to be composted for a year or two first
  8. to urinate around the garden to deter foxes? We have had our girls for 2 years now and I regularly store urine up and sprinkle it around the plot where the girls are. We have now noticed the fence panels where the urine goes is starting to rot. Thankfully we have never seen or heard or seen signs of a fox but I dont want to run the risk now of not putting urine down and a fox getting in. However, we dont want to destroy our fence panels. What do other people do to try and deter foxes?
  9. Recently our 18 month old guinea pig has been acting very aggressively. Not towards us but he has been almost attacking and flipping off the roof on his house. He has never acted like this before and we are unsure what might be the problem. He is getting the same food as normal and in the same amounts and he is being cleaned as regularly as ever. Please provide us with some answers anybody
  10. A few weeks back I had a red mite problem in the coop and so gave the coop a good clean and am regularly using smite spray to keep the mite at bay. Every time I check the coop there are more (very minimal) signs of mite again. The girls are laying relatively well and look healthy but what causes the mite? I can nip it in the bud once and for all if I can get to the bottom of this Any help much appreciated
  11. We have had our 6 girls for almost 2 years and have had plenty of lovely eggs regularly and consistently Over the past 5-6 weeks we have only had 1 egg a day and on some days none whatsoever We discovered about 4 weeks ago that a rat or two were creeping in and stealing food. So we placed poison down which has been eaten and concreted over all the ways the rats were sneaking in. Problem solved we have not seen any for weeks Then I wormed the girls with flubenvet Then I discovered red mite in the coop so have used diatom regularly for 2-3 weeks now and all the red mite is gone gone gone But the girls still have to be forced to perch in the coop and often trying to sleep in the nesting box rather than perching. Also, our number of eggs has dropped dramatically. The girls look healthy and we think we have dealt with everything over the past couple of months but obviously we have not! Please help with any advice as to why egg production has just dropped dramatically PS - We don't think eggs are being stolen as the girls are locked away and "Ooops, word censored!"ody could get in
  12. They are definitely bigger than sesame seeds. They are about the same size as guinea pig droppings but obviously its not a guinea pig if anybody is familiar with their droppings
  13. I have discovered what look like droppings under the chicken coop. They cant be the hens so what is it? I hope its not a rat as I have never seen one both by day and night but I cant be sure. Can somebody advise me what they might be and if it possibly is a rat then what steps can I take to get rid of it/them? Thanks

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