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  1. Thanks Beantree she will be getting a thorough check over today Amy
  2. Hi Egluntyne Yes her poop was pretty smelly for a while! Sort of rancid and runny and her feathers were getting stuck to it Is it possible that the yoghurt I'd read about really helped? Her tail looks more perky than it has for a while...
  3. Hello I've set my girls run up after a few false starts so that when I open their run (which is parallel to our patio - I like to watch them from my kitchen window-) the gate meets another wire panel and they are blocked from the patio They are only allowed out when I am watching so I can shoo the away from sensitive beds It works well. They have a big run and I think compared to many chickens they're spoiled rotten
  4. First I'd like to say hello to all the omleteers I used to chat to. I've been busy and away a while. My girls have survived the nasty winter here but my Marans Curvier is still the one who's always getting poorly I thought we were going to loose her over winter she got very sick but rallied round. Then she had a poopy bottom for weeks - sloppy poops. I've been keeping an eye on her, cut out all treats and made sure I kept there water and feeder clean. I checked her vent & it looks clean and healthy and there's no sign of her being egg bound. I've been giving them a little live yoghurt every day and she no longer has a poopy bottom. However I just want to ask is there anything else I should be doing? And how long before she'll lay again as we haven't had an egg since autumn Thanks Amy
  5. That's just HILARIOuS ! Even OH was laughing! She's brilliant
  6. Your neighbour sounds like they may be unwell and very bullying. What a difficult situation. I doubt they would be able to "dispose" of some one else's pet surely the RSPCA and police would have something to say ? It always surprises me when people live in rural/semi rural situations and expect there to be no animals. Good luck! Really hope your girlie finds her way home! (Maybe you should keep a record/diary of there behaviour just in case)
  7. HaHaHa! Monster chickens! Must be good feed there getting then! It's all wholesome stuff
  8. Just out of curiosity has any one noticed chickens growing to the size of thier house or enclosure I've been looking after my lovely neighbours girls while they were away. She now has four girlies in an eglu they come from the same supplier as our girls but seem a lot smaller than ours. So I'm wondering if its the feed ours get or that our girlies are in a larger wooden coup and they've grown to fill the space Ours seem much tamer too, there a bunch of nosy parkers My neighbours girls have a lovely run with lots of trees so I wonder if its just that I know my own girls and anthropomorphise them
  9. Redwing I'm so sorry to hear your birds have been stolen! How awful I've heard of horses being stolen from their paddocks. But not chickens. I hope the police can help... You must be feeling really shocked and saddened. Sending you best wishes!
  10. Luvachiken they probably stop being broody when stop laying and are elderly They're so silly and fussy. I've just extended the run for my three and of course they've eaten every green thing in there and now they're whining to come out again No WAY little hens I'd like my veg garden to grow a bit first!
  11. Ooooo Chook n Boo Mum they are SO cute! I'd really like to hatch some babies in a couple of years when my girls are older
  12. Hi Haleybug Gosh there silly ! We had three eggs today Phew as OH is threatening the Pot Keep telling him I love my girls as garden pets the egg laying is a bonus!
  13. Oh yes I think so! She's not spent so much time in the coop but she hasn't laid an egg today
  14. Flo seemed so broody the other hot day making vollocoraptor noises fluffing herself up, when I only found two eggs in the coop This morning i thought "here we go again...broody" Later I shut the coop to keep her out but she seemed SO stressed, panting and jumping onto the coop I thought I'd better just let her in to brood and opened the coop door. In she went only to come out ten minuets later having laid an egg at 3 in the afternoon Oops
  15. HeHe Shabby Chic she is gorgeous! and doughnut is such a cute name. Fraid I'm going to have to wait till my girlies get older and I have an excuse to replenish my stock... But I'm busy prettyfiying my garden so I have managed to displace my designer hen obsession Sort of

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