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  1. managed to get her in the water but she isn't staying in long enough, but she did mange to clean herself and looks cleaner but is still having trouble walking.
  2. thanks for all the advice it is gratefully recieved
  3. I have had a little look at her leg and couldn't see anything really obliviously out of shape and it didn't seem hot or warm. i will put her in the water and see if that works.
  4. hi just looking for advice, my Aylesbury pekin duck has injured its leg, not to sure how its done it, but it is having trouble standing on it let alone walking and using its wings to walk and stabilize itself. It all it seems to do is sit as much as possible all day in one spot, all it feathers have gone a dirty colour and seems to have lost a few . But despite all of that it is eating and drinking. Haven't taken it to a vet because I cant really afford vet bills at the moment . duck now seems to have like a white mass on one of its eyes, what looks like a white ball of fluid??? Not sure what to do with it?? regards mat
  5. cheers for the advice peeps, hopefully sometime soon i will be able to let you how the hatch has gone.
  6. so the best thing to do is just wait and see what happens?
  7. hi i am hatching eggs for the first time and using my broody hen. i have tried to candle the eggs that she is sat on but can't see anything in the egg, it is to dark apart from round the edge of the egg. they have been under her roughly 2 and a bit weeks. the other fertile eggs i have i can see clearly that there fertile. does this mean there are chicks in them? as i cant see anything moving.

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