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  1. Hi

    One of my girls (she's about 3yrs old) has suddenly gone off her feet. She'll only stand, and then woddles around when I lift her up. She then just sits herself back down. Her face is nice and red and there doesn't seem to be anything unusual about her vent area. She's eating and drinking if I put food and water by her but doesn't seem to be going to the feed herself. I had to put her to bed last night and get her up again this morning. The other 4 seem to be fine. Any ideas anyone? Thanks..

  2. Hi

    I've got a Black Rock which is about 1 year old now. She's been laying well but I think she had now gone broody. She's spending all her time either sitting on the other girls eggs or just sitting in the nest box. I keep taking her out and she then just sits on the ground and starts to make a nest. I'm worried that she isn't eating or drinking enough as she does seem to of lost weight. I've started taking her out of the nest box and closing the Eglu door (about lunchtime ish) when I think they have all laid and then opening it up again at dusk. Any ideas what I can to do to stop this behaviour. Thanks

  3. Hi Everyone

    I let the girls out this morning and all was well. On returning from work I've found one of them dead in the run. She was a 12month old Speckledy.

    She's lay on her side and her vent is wide open with lots of blood and yellow liquid coming from it. Has anyone any idea whats happened to her? Thank you

  4. One of my girls has had a bare bum (no knicker feathers) for a couple of months now. I thought she was been pecked by the others so I've been treating it with Stockholm Tar.


    It varies in colour from very pale to very red. I've noticed this morning that a couple of the others are beginning to loose their feathers in the same place! They are about 18 months old and other than this they all seem fine, eating and laying well. Would be grateful for any advice.

  5. My 2 year old Partridge Leghorn hasn't laid for about 12 months and up until yesterday appeared to be fine apart from looking abit tatty due to her moulting.

    When I put them to bed last night she seemed abit miserable but this morning there's definately something wrong. She went straight to the water and drank quite abit and then went and sat in the corner of the run all hunched up. I've just come home from work and gone to check for eggs etc. Her bottom seems to be hanging very low and she is walking abit like a penguin. I've had a look at her and her belly is very warm and swollen. Please help any advice greatly appreciated. x

  6. SchoolChicks20133.jpg


    Look what has come to stay with me for the weekend. :D 2 week old chicks which the nursery class at the school I work at have hatched. I don't think I'm going to want to take them back on Monday. The one standing upright has been named Banana by the children :lol:

  7. I got Effie (Partridge Leghorne) back in April and she was 18weeks old. She started laying within a couple of weeks and has been a good layer since. However she hasn't laid for about 2 weeks now. She is eating and seems otherwise well. I wormed them all last week with Flubenvet. She goes and gets on the nest every day and sits for well over an hour but doesn't lay. Any ideas what could be matter with her? Thank you.

  8. Did anyone see the programme Neighbourhood Watched, on BBC1 on Thursday last week?

    It was about a housing authority and the problems it has with it's tennants. One tennant was keeping around 6 hens and 2 cockerals in the back garden of his house. They were left to roam freely and seemed to spend alot of time in the neighbours garden, there was only about a 3ft fence between the 2 houses. The neighbour had complained about the noise and mess that they were making and that the cockerals were nasty with her children and dog. She couldn't have her back door open because they would go into her house and the dog wouldn't go outside.

    They managed to re home the cockerals but the hens were left. I was shocked how irrisponsible the owner of the hens was and how he thought it was ok for then to wander onto other peoples land. I really felt that he was giving chicken keepers a bad name.

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