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  1. Yep. Thought it was my computer playing silly devils.
  2. I applies and so did the OH but we haven't heard anything yet. I would LOVE to go. x
  3. It's a week today since we got our 4 girls. After much commotion this morning about where she was going to lay it (I was cleaning the Eglu out at the time) Babs has layed her very first egg It's only a little one but perfect in every way. Well Done Babs
  4. Mr and Mrs Blackbird are proud to announce the safe arrival of 2 baby blackbirds. Mother and babies are all doing well
  5. Both breeds are very nosy and mischievious but the Devon is an absolute beaut. She's into everything, follows me round like a little dog and will fetch screwed up bits of paper or toffee wrappers. She sits on the side of the sink when she wants a drink of water and will only drink from a running tap She lies across my chest whilst I watch TV and makes typing on here very difficult She goes from been chilled out to hyper in 60secs The Cornish is more layed back and is a proper baby. Crys outside the bedroom door in a morning until I let him in and then he gets under the duvet with me. Both of them are house cats but do go in the garden under supervision. x
  6. Book arrived this morning. Looks like it's going to be a good read.
  7. Dolly gets into the most strange places and always somewhere she shouldn't
  8. Munkee the Cornish Rex Sorry they are all on seperate posts, my computer wouldn't let me put them all on the same one.

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